5 Things To Bring Back Home From Your Hyderabad Trip

From exquisite silver and metalware crafts to handwoven silks and lustrous pearls to biscuits from iconic bakeries, Hyderabad is a treasure trove for souvenir hunters
A Bidri craftsman engraves a traditional design on a vase
A Bidri craftsman engraves a traditional design on a vaseAkella Srinivas Ramalingaswami/Shutterstock


Likely over 400 years old, Bidri is one of the most exquisite metal artworks of India. Although its origin is still a mystery, it is believed to have a Persian origin and found its roots in India in Bidar (now a district and town in Karnataka) in the 14th century under the patronisation of the Bahmani rulers of the Deccan. Bidri art consists of designs engraved on an alloy of metals and inlaid with silver, or even gold or brass. Over the centuries, the art found expression in a variety of products, from utilitarian to decorative. Pick up exquisitely crafted bowls, cups, plates, boxes for various uses, or incense holders, vases, and other products.

Where to buy: Though you will find the crafts in several markets and stores, a popular place to buy them is Bidri Crafts, located on the main road of Gunfoundry. You can also check out the shops in the ancient Begum Bazaar.

Lac Bangles

Hyderabad's famous Laad Bazaar is home to hundreds of shops renowned for their world-famous lac bangles. These bangles are meticulously crafted over an hours-long process. Colours are applied on the base, and stones are carefully encrusted onto the surface, resulting in thousands of bangle patterns. The market experiences a surge in sales during festive occasions. Brass and silver-framed bangles with pearls are also available here.

Pearl Sets

When you’re in the city of pearls, you must first look out for a strand or two of the lustrous gems. The best place to acquire one is at the famous Mangatrai Jewellery store in Basheerbagh or at the various stores in front of the Charminar. However, you need to be careful because there are several fake ones in the market as well.

Traditional Handwoven Sarees

Hyderabad is famous for several varieties of traditional handwoven sarees. For instance, Pochampally, where the yarn is tie-dyed before weaving, produces jagged geometric patterns. Another traditional handwoven saree variety is the Kanchipuram Pattu saree. The unique designs and motifs of Kanchipuram Pattu sarees are what set them apart from others. Motifs like chariots, peacocks, lions, swans, sun, and parrots perched on branches are just a few of the varieties that can be seen on these sarees.

Where to buy: Hit up Sai Kanchi sarees shop located on the lane next to City Centre Mall in Banjara Hills. The Nallis stores are also a good option. Visit the ones located in Chikkadpally, Narayanaguda and on Sardar Patel Road, Begumpet.

A local bakery in  Hyderabad
A local bakery in Hyderabadreddees / Shutterstock

Goods From Local Bakeries

Nestled within this city's narrow lanes and bustling markets are iconic bakeries that have become integral to Hyderabad's gastronomic landscape. With the aroma of freshly baked goods, these bakeries have established themselves as institutions serving up delicious pastries, cakes, and bread that have made them an integral part of Hyderabad's culinary heritage.

Some must-visit places include Karachi Bakery, one of Hyderabad's oldest and most famous bakeries. Established in 1953, the bakery is known for its delicious fruit biscuits, cakes, and pastries.

Address: Karachi Bakery has several outlets in Hyderabad, including one in Banjara Hills, Nampally, and Gachibowli

Another popular option is the famous Pista House, known for its traditional Indian sweets and bakery products. The bakery is renowned for its delicious Osmania biscuits, a must-try.

Address: Pista House has several outlets in Hyderabad, including one in Charminar, Hitech City, and Banjara Hills.

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