Where To Watch The Biggest New Year Fireworks Displays

Hong Kong, Sydney, or Dubai? The world's most spell-binding fireworks shows happen on December 31, and these cities are pulling out all stops for the spectacle
Firework show over Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Firework show over Victoria Harbor, Hong KongYiucheung/Shutterstock

They have been used to commemorate special occasions as well as to drive away evil spirits. We're talking fireworks. The Chinese used fireworks to commemorate life's most significant events, from births and funerals to coronations. They were used in Europe to commemorate military victories, civil festivals, and religious ceremonies. In present day, they are a big part of New Year Eve celebrations. As December end approaches, people figure out their New Year's Eve plans. Many folks will be headed out to watch the most spectacular fireworks across the world. Hong Kong has announced that the New Year’s Eve pyrotechnics this year will be the biggest yet with the display designed by the director of fireworks for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It will also be the longest at 12 minutes, and spanning a distance of 1.3 km. We have put together a list of some of the most spectacular fireworks displays to travel for.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has announced a unique New Year's Eve programme comprising fireworks, folkloric performances, and international art displays, which is expected to attract millions of visitors and tourists. The fireworks display will be the largest and most extravagant ever, spanning more than 60 minutes, and breaking several Guinness World Records in terms of number, time, and design complexity. Along with that, an extravagant drone show using over 5,000 drones will take place over the Al Wathba sky in intricate patterns, setting a new record in the region.


Being in London on New Year's Eve has to be one of the most iconic ways to ring in the New Year. Big Ben will ring out at midnight, signalling the start of 2024, as fireworks fill the sky near the London Eye and Big Ben.


Sydney NYE fireworks over the harbour and bridge
Sydney NYE fireworks over the harbour and bridgeTaras Vyshnya/Shutterstock

Sydney is one of the first places in the world to welcome the New Year, and since 1976, it has put on a magnificent fireworks show over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This year Sydney will greet 2024 with a 58,000 fireworks display. The festivities will include two firework displays: an eight-minute "family fireworks" display at 9 pm and a 12-minute spectacular at midnight. Over a million people are expected to visit Sydney Harbour and its neighbouring areas. Traditional fireworks will blend in with AI imagery. This will be a four-hour visual light show with graphics generated by artificial intelligence. The projections will dazzle the eastern side of Sydney Harbour's pylons before synchronising with the main midnight extravaganza.


The city has a reputation for hosting some of the best New Year's Eve fireworks displays in the world, especially at the Burj Khalifa. The light shows atop the world's most spectacular skyscrapers are incredible as well. For instance, The Palm and Burj Al-Arab are two locations in Downtown Dubai that take part in the city's coordinated fireworks extravaganza. There are so many that it's mind-boggling to watch. According to reports, authorities have assessed the arrangements for almost 45 fireworks performances so far this year, and 32 places have permits for fireworks displays.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s New Year’s Eve pyrotechnics will return with a bang – the biggest yet – with a spectacular display designed by the director of fireworks for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This will not be your typical fireworks display. Set against the renowned Hong Kong skyline, the 12-minute firework musical will outperform any previous New Year's Eve spectacular in the city with a spectacular fireworks display, a harmonious blend of artistic fusion music, and a vibrant light show. The fireworks will transport viewers on an enthralling journey through the four seasons, representing the cyclical essence of life and the promise of fresh beginnings.


The Scots bring in New Year with Hogmanay, an ancient festival whose origins lie in the celebration of the winter solstice by the Vikings. This year, Edinburgh will say farewell to 2023 with a three-day-long Hogmanay event that begins with a torchlight procession and ends with a street party in the city centre on New Year's Eve. The evening concludes with a midnight fireworks display over Edinburgh Castle.

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