Trail Through The Filming Locations Of These 5 English TV Series

If you are a TV buff you have likely watched most of these shows. Get ready to travel to stunning locales through your television screens with these 5 hit series and the places they are filmed in
Hulu's hit show The Bear is shot across Chicago
Hulu's hit show The Bear is shot across Chicago

When you're watching a show, sometimes the locations are characters in themselves. The significance of the location often plays a major role in film and television. The sweeping bridges on the backdrop accompany the lonesome lead character at night, the glistening lake acts as a silent witness to a couple's reunion, and the streets of a bustling city lead the viewers on a journey with the characters. We have curated a list of some of the most vivid filming locations from iconic TV series that have been as important as the characters in the show.

Whether you're yearning for the exotic charm of Mallorca or the romantic allure of Italian villas, these five places offer a glimpse into the worlds of your favourite show.

The Night Manager was shot in Mallorca, Spain
The Night Manager was shot in Mallorca,

The Night Manager

Standout Location: Mallorca, Spain

The Night Manager, a thrilling series from 2016, not only captivated audiences with its storyline but also left a lasting impression due to its spectacular filming locations. While the show takes you to lavish hotels in Marrakech (standing in for Egypt) and Zermatt, the true standout is the complex owned by the cunning villain Richard Roper, played by Hugh Laurie. This complex is actually Mallorca's La Fortaleza, also known as Sa Fortaleza Albercutx de Pollensa (Albercutx Fortress). Perched on a headland on the island's northern tip, it comprises seven villas with terraces and two pools.

The show's Italy locations look like a dream
The show's Italy locations look like a website

Normal People

Standout Location: Tenuta di Verzano, Italy

Amidst the lockdown, Normal People became a sensation. While the series primarily unfolds in Dublin with some parts shot in Sweden when Marianne goes for a course, its most memorable location is the family villa in Italy, where the lead pair, Connell and Marianne, reunite. You can actually rent this villa on Airbnb. Although it's set in Trieste, the villa, known as Il Casale, is situated in Tenuta di Verzano near Sant'Oreste, approximately 25 miles north of Rome. Their idyllic bike trip to Stimigliano for ice cream feels just as authentically Italian.

Mr. Beef On Orleans which served as the sandwich shop in the show
Mr. Beef On Orleans which served as the sandwich shop in the website

The Bear

Standout Location: Chicago, USA, and Copenhagen, Denmark

Chicago takes on a character of its own in "The Bear," influencing the characters' actions and mannerisms. The show's focal point is Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto, a talented young chef who returns to Chicago after a family tragedy to run the family sandwich shop. Several scenes are filmed in iconic Chicago locations, including Mr. Beef On Orleans and Wicker Park's North Damen Avenue. The series also ventures to Copenhagen, Denmark, where Marcus perfects his dessert menu at the renowned restaurant Noma.

The magnificent La Casa Ramos in Barcelona, Spain
The magnificent La Casa Ramos in Barcelona, SpainDes Willie/BBCA

Killing Eve

Standout Location: Barcelona, Spain

Killing Eve takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, but it's her stay in Barcelona during Season 3 that truly captivates. The magnificent La Casa Ramos, an exquisite modernist building on Plaça de Lesseps in the Gràcia district, sets the stage for Villanelle's adventures and is the apartment where she stays. It's a city-break dream, minus the occasional murder, of course.

The series is shot across Hawaii and Sicily in Italy
The series is shot across Hawaii and Sicily in

The White Lotus

Standout Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA, and Taormina, Sicily, Italy

The White Lotus made waves during the lockdown and became a fan favourite. Season 1 unfolds in a luxurious Hawaiian resort, filmed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. The hotel embodies tropical paradise clichés with its 15 acres featuring three pools, three restaurants (including Wolfgang Puck's Spago), three golf courses, a spa, and an art museum. The scenes are shot throughout the resort, including the entrance, lobby, restaurants, spa, and the neighbouring Wailea Beach. Season 2 takes us to Europe, specifically Taormina, Sicily, where scenes were filmed at San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel. This stunning hotel sits inland, overlooking the Ionian Sea, with breathtaking views of Mount Etna. 

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