Revealed: Surprising Picks For World's Worst Tourist Spots

A recent report reveals the updated list of the world's 'meh' tourist spots based on current travel trends—brace yourself for surprises
Victoria Harbour, one of the world's worst tourist spots
Victoria Harbour, one of the world's worst tourist spotsUnsplash

A recent report has unveiled a compilation of the world's most poorly-rated tourist destinations, utilising various criteria, including Google reviews, TikTok engagement, proximity to airports and transportation hubs, tourist safety as evaluated by the Global Peace Index (GPI), and the quality of local accommodations in the vicinity. Despite the popularity of certain locales, some remarkably low-rated destinations might come as a surprise. The list of these dismal tourist spots is certainly eye-opening. Explore the list of the 7 worst-rated tourist locations around the world and find out the reasons behind it.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, USA

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of FameWikimedia Commons

The Hollywood Walk of Fame that features more than 2,700 plaques to commemorate some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, has a poor rating of only 3.43 out of 10, making it the worst-rated tourist spot. Many visitors consider it "average" due to the grubby surroundings, aggressive fruit sellers, loud street hawkers, mobile burger stands, and overwhelming fan moments. These negative aspects have contributed to the low rating of this famous landmark.

Grand Bazaar, Turkiye

Grand Bazaar
Grand BazaarUnsplash

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the oldest covered markets in the world, with its origins dating back to the Ottoman Empire. It is home to a diverse collection of goods, including ceramics, souvenirs, eye ornaments, and the famous Turkish tea. The marketplace is bustling with about four thousand sellers, making it one of the busiest places on earth. However, it has been ranked second on the list of worst-rated places due to its poor performance on various markers. It has a safety score of only 2.8 out of 5, and the airport is a tiring 45 km away. Travellers on Google reviews have also reported fake goods being sold and a vague pricing system.

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal
Taj MahalUnsplash

The Taj Mahal is a magnificent mausoleum made of bright white marble and is considered one of the world's most beautiful buildings. It stands next to the Ganges and was constructed by Emperor Shahjahan in memory of his late wife, Mumtaz. Despite its fascinating history, the monument is unfortunately one of the worst-rated places on earth. This is due to several reasons, such as its location, which is 218 km from the nearest airport, and hagglers around the area.

Busch Gardens, USA

Busch Gardens
Busch GardensUnsplash

Busch Gardens of Florida is a 335-acre theme park in Tampa Bay, which opened in 1959. The park is themed around the beautiful landscapes of Africa and Asia and attracts about 4 million visitors annually. However, despite being a favourite among many, it ranks fourth on the worst-rated list of places due to its second-rate accommodations. Visitors have complained about the hygiene and maintenance of animal enclosures, leading to declining ratings.

Lotte World, South Korea

Lotte World
Lotte WorldWikimedia Commons

Lotte World is a popular recreation complex located in Seoul, which was opened in 1989. It includes an indoor theme park, a mall, and an aquarium, attracting locals and tourists for several decades. However, only some are convinced of the excitement it offers. The park ranks fifth on the list of the world's worst-rated tourist spots, with a score of only 4.80. This is mainly due to the mismanagement of cramming too many amusement rides beyond capacity, causing the overcrowded space to suffocate travellers who have reported their discomfort.

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour
Victoria HarbourUnsplash

Victoria Harbour is often considered the birthplace of Hong Kong, serving as the city facade. It is a landmass that separates Hong Kong Island in the south from the Kowloon Peninsula in the north. The skyline of Victoria Harbour is an iconic attraction of Hong Kong, but it has ranked sixth on the worst-rated list with a rating of only 4.89. Travellers have reported that there isn't much to see apart from the polluted and never-ending construction.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park
Ocean ParkUnsplash

The Ocean Park, established in 1977, is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. It boasts diverse attractions, including Marine Land, a wide variety of fauna, and activities such as cable cars. However, despite its many attractions, it has a low rating of 4.96 and ranks seventh on the list of the world's worst-rated places due to its lack of amenities such as fresh drinking water, toilets, and fans. Visitors have complained about the staff being laid back and the area being infested with flies and mosquitoes.

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