Discover Festive Magic At These Christmas Markets In Finland

Widen your holiday horizon with this quick guide to Finland's Christmas Market Extravaganza
Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland in Finland
Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland in FinlandShutterstock

In the heart of enchanting landscapes and a tapestry of rich culture, Finland beckons as an enticing destination where timeless traditions seamlessly merge with contemporary sophistication. For Indian travellers seeking immersive experiences in unexplored territories, the Nordic allure of Finland emerges as a top choice. With Finnair's non-stop flights between Delhi and Helsinki, the journey becomes a seamless experience, eliminating layovers for an uninterrupted travel adventure. Here are some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Finland for that magical festive experience.

Helsinki Christmas Market

Situated in the capital, this is the oldest and most cherished market, featuring a St. Lucia procession, over 100 stalls, and daily visits from Santa Claus.

Location: Senate Square, Helsinki

Helsinki Christmas Market
Helsinki Christmas Market Shutterstock

Rovaniemi's Year-round Santa Claus Village

Visit the capital of Lapland, home to the Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa year-round, explore Finnish designs, and enjoy reindeer rides against the backdrop of the Arctic Circle.

Location: Rovaniemi, Lapland

Turku Christmas Markets

Experience the Declaration of Christmas Peace, a giant lit spruce tree, and explore family-oriented and intimate markets in Finland's oldest city.

Location: Old Great Square and Market Square, Turku

Tampere Christmas Markets

Enjoy an artistic vibe, entertainment, concerts, theatre performances, and a petting zoo at Stable Yards in Finland's second-largest city.

Location: Central Square and Stable Yards, Tampere

Tampere Christmas market
Tampere Christmas marketShutterstock

Jyväskylä Christmas Village

Immerse yourself in the illumination of Christmas lights, welcoming events, bazaars, and Christmas workshops in the heart of Finnish Lakeland.

Location: Church Park, Jyväskylä

Oulu Christmas Market

Experience the Tiernatori Christmas Market with handmade products, Nordic re-telling of classic carols, and a snowy landscape in Oulu.

Location: Rotuaari Square, Oulu

Åland Christmas Markets

Savour a true Christmas atmosphere in Åland, with traditional markets offering locally made products, mulled wine, and gingerbread. Celebrate the season with joy, tradition, and the unique charm of each destination.

Location: Various locations in Åland

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