Baad Mei Aana: A Solo Exhibition In Mumbai By Mohd. Intiyaz

Mohd. Intiyaz, a visual artist, will showcase his artwork in an upcoming exhibition at Method Kalaghoda. His artwork raises questions about the status quo and the rights of oppressed communities
Mohd. Intiyaz
Mohd. IntiyazMohd. Intiyaz

Method Kalaghoda has announced a solo exhibition titled “Baad Me Aana” by the renowned artist Mohd. Intiyaz. The exhibition is open from August 10 to September 10 in Mumbai.

In this exhibition, Mohd. Intiyaz brings to life an evocative collection of artwork that delves into the essence of human dignity, the pursuit of basic amenities, and the struggle for rights. Through his stunning and thought-provoking pieces, the artist invites the viewers to reflect on the universal themes of justice, hope, and perseverance.

Artwork by Mohd. Intiyaz
Artwork by Mohd. IntiyazMohd. Intiyaz

About Baad Mein Aana

“Baad Me Aana” is an emotionally charged and visually captivating exhibition that challenges societal norms and sparks conversations around the disparity of human rights. Mohd. Intiyaz’s powerful artistic narrative urges viewers to question the status quo and stand in solidarity with those who have been denied their rights for far too long. This exhibition promises to be an immersive and eye-opening experience for art enthusiasts, activists, and anyone who seeks to explore the deeper meaning of human struggle and resilience.

Artwork by Mohd. Intiyaz
Artwork by Mohd. IntiyazMohd. Intiyaz

Describing the theme of his artwork, the artist shares, “In my community, there are many who accept the lack of basic amenities and human dignity as luck. We make peace with things as they are under the guise of Kismat and try to survive without asking for more. But sometimes, a voice within reminds us that certain things are our rights. Why should we not have a regular supply of water? But when we ask these questions, we find ourselves weaving through a familiar maze that never leads to a positive end. We plead for what should be ours, a life equal to others, and once again, we are told Baad Mei Aana."

About the Artist

Mohd. Intiyaz is a visual artist originally from Jharkhand but migrated to Delhi due to unrest and uncertainty. In Delhi, he attained an MFA in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia University. In 2018, his art was displayed at the Kochi Muziris Student Biennale, and he was chosen as a resident artist for the prestigious Khoj Peers program in 2019. Mohd Intiyaz’s works are highly personal and focus on firsthand experiences of migration and marginalization. His core memory of the past and his exposure to everyday occurrences in his neighbourhood are central themes of his artwork, rooted in a sometimes uncomfortable reality.

Through his work, he narrates situations that most of his viewers will not personally encounter, and in doing this, he makes sure that nothing is forgotten.

About Method

Method has three physical spaces in Mumbai. Method Kala Ghoda primarily showcases fine art and installations. Method Bandra focuses on new media, photography, and human connectivity, and Method Juhu is a community-driven space.

Event Dates: August 10 to September 10 Time

Timings: Open daily from 11 am to 6 pm except Mondays.

Address: Method Kalaghoda, 86, Nagindas Master Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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