Are You A Cat Lover? These 7 Places Are Perfect For You

Are you fond of cats? Is your phone full of cat clips and images? If yes, explore these cat havens around the world
Cats as pets
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Throughout history, cats have woven a captivating tale. They were originally used as rodent controllers in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, where they became divine beings under the protection of the goddess Bastet. Over time, their perception has shifted from superstition in the Middle Ages to adoration in the modern era. Nowadays, they are cherished companions both offline and online, representing a remarkable journey that spans utility, symbolism, and the heartwarming bonds they share with humanity. For true cat enthusiasts, these locations cater to various interests, from providing plenty of opportunities for interaction with felines to offering insights into their history.

Places Around The World For Cat Lovers

Cat Mountain Lodge, Tucson, Arizona

Cat Mountain Lodge, Arizona
Cat Mountain Lodge, Arizonafashionalities/instagram

Cat Mountain Lodge is a delightful historical ranch bed and breakfast located at the base of the Tucson Mountains. It is a unique opportunity to experience the natural habitat of mountain lions and bobcats. With its ideal location, guests can also enjoy hiking and wildlife watching. A respite for the responsible travellers is that the bed and breakfast is completely eco-friendly.

Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum, Key West, Florida

Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum, Florida
Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum, FloridaShutterstock

For cat and literature enthusiasts alike, the perfect destination awaits. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West, Florida, offers tours of the acclaimed writer's former limestone residence. Beyond its historical significance, the site boasts around 50 cats, all descendants of Hemingway's original Maine coon, Snowball. These six-toed felines, often named after notable figures as Hemingway did, contribute to the site's charm.

Poezenboot In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Poezenboot In Amsterdam, Netherlands
Poezenboot In Amsterdam, NetherlandsShutterstock

At Amsterdam's Herengracht canal, there is a floating cat sanctuary called Poezenboot. It may seem unusual to combine cats and boats, but this is a perfect match here. The sanctuary was founded by Henriette van Weelde, a resident who loved to adopt strays, in 1966. It all started on a houseboat, and now this unique barge is open for visits, volunteers, donations, and even cat adoptions.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, Rome, Italy

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, Italy
Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, ItalyShutterstock

If you're familiar with Rome, you're likely aware of the many stray cats that roam the city. For cat lovers, a simple stroll around town can be a delight. However, if you're in the area, it's highly recommended that you visit the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. This sanctuary provides volunteering opportunities, including cage cleaning and food distribution, as they care for over 300 cats who call this place home.

Tashirojima Island, Japan

Tashirojima Island, Japan
Tashirojima Island, JapanShutterstock

In Japan, there are many places that cat lovers can visit, and Tashirojima Island is one of the best. Surprisingly, there are more cats on the island than there are humans. It is because cats were brought over to help control mice that were threatening the production of silk, which was very important for the island's economy. The locals believe that cats bring good luck and prosperity. On Tashirojima, you can find shrines, buildings designed with cats in mind, and even cabins shaped like cats.

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Hermitage, Russia
The Hermitage, RussiaShutterstock

For over 275 years, the Hermitage Museum in Russia has been home to cats who were originally brought in to control the rodent population. Today, these cats are treated with great care and attention, and even have their own security team and spokesperson. Although they mainly live underground, visitors to the museum can sometimes hear their meows while walking around.

Cat Town Café In Oakland, California

Cat cafes have been a beloved attraction in Asia for years and now they have finally made their way to North America. The United States' first cat cafe is Cat Town Café, which offers a one-of-a-kind experience as it is both a coffeehouse and an adoption centre. Those who are interested in adopting a cat can spend quality time with them while enjoying delicious food and beverages. While there are now other cat cafes in the country, Cat Town Café remains the original and leading establishment.

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