All You Need To Know About India's First Outdoor Museum

Shaheedi Park was recently inaugurated in Delhi's ITO and the Waste To Art history park is now open to the public
A woman walks along sculptures inside the park
A woman walks along sculptures inside the

Delhi recently unveiled its first-ever outdoor museum, the captivating Shaheedi Park, spanning an expansive 4.5 acres in its vastness. This exceptional creation is a testament to collaboration and creative ingenuity, a true embodiment of the Waste to Art initiative. This park is a living chronicle of the nation's remarkable journey as a tribute to the valiant national heroes who stood fearlessly for India's freedom and sovereignty.

The Collaboration

This is a combined collaboration between 10 artists and 700 skilled artisans, which has now finally culminated in the birth of Shaheedi Park. The initiative's Waste to Art theme, a celebration of transformation, breathed life into this extraordinary haven. With over six months of dedicated effort, these gifted individuals sculpted history from 250 tonnes of discarded materials, crafting intricate artefacts that narrate the tapestry of India's past.

This newly established park resonates with echoes of India's diverse epochs–from the ancient through the resplendent medieval era to the dynamic modern age. Amidst its verdant expanse, an engaging narrative unfolds, inviting visitors to embark on a captivating visual voyage through time. Over 56,000 trees and shrubs like champa, ficus, kachnar, and syngonium have been thoughtfully cultivated to enhance the park's allure. These green sentinels breathe life into the park, elevating it into a serene oasis where history and nature harmoniously converge.

What You Will Find Inside

Capturing the essence of historical moments, Shaheedi Park boasts an array of symbolic installations that transcend mere sculptures. Each creation embodies an era, weaving together the threads of India's story, from repurposed electric poles to vintage vehicles and rickshaws. These artistic marvels pay homage to the courage and sacrifices of the nation's luminous heroes.

Amidst the lush surroundings, Shaheedi Park stands as a poignant tribute to unity, diversity, and struggle–the foundational pillars of India's spirit. The creation of Shaheedi Park is a monumental undertaking, reflecting an investment of nearly INR 15 crore. Three galleries and nine distinct sets have been constructed within its sprawling expanse, housing an impressive collection of 2-D and 3-D sculptures. Each piece intricately narrates a chapter of India's rich heritage, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its vibrant tapestry.


As the gateway to this living history, an entry ticket priced at INR 100 for adults and INR 50 for children opens the doors to an immersive exploration. For the convenience of modern travellers, these tickets can be seamlessly procured online or at the park entrance. Access to this cultural gem is made effortless, with the park nestled in the heart of Delhi's ITO area. As visitors traverse the city's bustling streets, the entrance along Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg stands as a welcoming beacon. Ample parking near Kotla Fort ensures convenience accompanies every visit, promising a hassle-free experience.

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