7 Places To Visit In South Korea: A K-drama Fan's Fairyland

Plan a K-drama-themed vacation to South Korea. Here is a list of 7 places to add to your fan-trip itinerary
A scene from "Goblin"
A scene from "Goblin"TvN Goblin Official Site

The beauty of South Korea is such that a traveller can spend hours roaming its streets without exhausting the list of activities to do, cuisines to try, and sites to visit.

For a K-drama enthusiast, it only gets better as some of the most iconic scenes from top K-dramas make for great spots to explore as a newcomer in the city. Explore the list of K-drama shoot sites in the giant metropolis, a fusion of contemporary skyscrapers, advanced subway systems, and popular culture with Buddhist temples, palaces, and bustling street markets.


Itaewon skyline, South Korea
Itaewon skyline, South KoreaShutterstock

Itaewon is a neighbourhood in the Yongsan-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. The place has a cosmopolitan vibe and bustles with beer bars, BBQ restaurants, Indie stores, antique boutiques, and more. It ranks on the top spot on bucket lists, as it was featured in the Park Seo-Joon series "Itaewon Class," an instant global hit on Netflix.

Do not be taken aback if you are halted by a large group of dancers blocking the road with their quick moves while walking along Noksapyeong Bridge. It is common at this place, especially after dark on weekends. It is the same stretch where Park Seo-Joon of the K-drama "Itaewon Class" often took a walk.

Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower, South Korea
Namsan Tower, South KoreaShutterstock

Namsan Tower, also famous as N Seoul Tower, is a prominent landmark on Namsan Mountain, which attracts tourists in Seoul. The place has an outdoor elevator that provides an exhilarating view of the town without much trekking. Namsan Tower plays the chief date night venue for many K-drama shows. Many male protagonists have been featured waiting on their lovers at this place. It features in "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Legend of the Blue Sea" and many other K-dramas.

The Han River

Han River, South Korea
Han River, South KoreaShutterstock

The Han River, also famous as the Hangang, runs through the heart of Seoul. The place offers many activities, such as water sports like kayaking and flyboarding. Travellers can also dip or catch largemouth bass fish in the freshwater river. The Han River, a favourite picnic spot for Seoul residents, features in series like "Strong Women Do Bong Soon" and "Lie to Me." People can also camp near the River, which offers facilities such as tents, 24-hour-shower rooms, BBQ grills and fresh hot ramen in disposable foil tins.

Travellers can witness a spectacle firework show complemented by music and laser lights, which is hosted annually on the banks of the Han River during the Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

Yeongjin Beach

Yeongjin Beach
Yeongjin BeachShutterstock

Yeongin Beach is in Gangneung, which is a 2.5-hour drive from the city of Seoul. Travellers can stroll along this beautiful white-sand beach's calm waves and shallow turquoise waters. It featured in an iconic scene in one of Korea's most-watched dramas, "Goblin." The beach acts as the backdrop when Ji Eun-Tak meets Kim Shin for the first time on her birthday in the show. You can enjoy the fresh air, run your hands and feet through the water, and collect shells to take back as a souvenir.

For fans who want to recreate the iconic scene from "Goblin," vendors around the beach rent props such as the red scarf and buckwheat flower bouquets.

Lotte World

Lotte World, South Korea
Lotte World, South KoreaShutterstock

Lotte World is a massive entertainment complex in Seoul, South Korea. One of the largest indoor theme parks in the world, it is characterised by two main areas: Lotte World Adventure (indoor theme park) and Magic Island (outdoor theme park). The place is lively throughout the seasons and delightful, especially during spring when cherry blossoms dominate the pavements. Travellers can enjoy corn dogs and bumper cars, like Kang Tae-Mu and Shin Ha-Ri from "Business Proposal." You can also spread the magic of your ice-skating skills on the rink like Han Seo-Jun and Im Ju-Kyung from "True Beauty."

Lotte World also houses the Star Avenue, a paradise for K-pop fans and features life-size hand impressions of all K-pop and K-drama stars. It's a place where fans can almost "hold" their idols. Immerse in the experience of interactive videos on large digital screens, and shop some never-seen-before fan merchandise.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village, South Korea
Bukchon Hanok Village, South KoreaShutterstock

Bukchon Hanok Village is a historic 600-year-old cultural neighbourhood located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. It is famous for its well-preserved traditional Korean houses called "hanok." They offer a glimpse into the country's architectural heritage and lifestyle. Here, one of the most popular "hanok," Sanggojae, featured as Park Gae-In's house in the 2010 K-drama "Personal Taste." In addition, numerous characters from K-dramas such as "Twelve Nights" and "She Was Pretty" have often been seen walking along this street.

Travellers can find "hanbok" (the conventional attire of Korea) rental outlets in the palace complex that offer rich and delicate long-sleeved traditional costumes and hairstyling services. You can dress up and enjoy the authentic essence of the regal escape.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island, South Korea
Jeju Island, South KoreaShutterstock

Jeju Island, located off the southern coast of South Korea, is a picturesque place famous for its natural beauty and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that it houses. These heritage sites include Manjanggul Cave, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and the Geomunoreum Lava Tube System. At Jeju Island, people can explore the traditional Jeju stone houses, known as "dol hareubang," and enjoy the local cuisines in dishes such as black pork, abalone porridge, and Jeju mandarins, which are popular among both locals and visitors. The Island featured in many shows, among which are "Jewel in the Palace," "Warm and Cozy," and "My Lovely Sam Soon."

Don't miss Jeju Loveland, a unique adult-themed sculpture park that showcases a variety of erotic sculptures and artwork. The place is considered an unusual and somewhat controversial attraction on the island.

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