7 Must-Visit Places For Fans Of 'The Office'

Whether you're reliving the classic episodes or discovering the show for the first time, these spots provide an opportunity to connect with the locations synonymous with the beloved sitcom
Jim and Pam from 'The Office'
Jim and Pam from 'The Office'Courtesy: IMDb

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Pennsylvania countryside, Scranton is a city that exudes an undeniable charm, drawing in visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and unexpected delights. If you're a fan of the hit TV show "The Office," then embarking on a road trip to Scranton promises an adventure that will let you step into the world of your favourite Dunder Mifflin employees while enjoying the city's attractions.

The Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

Lackawanna Coal Mine
Lackawanna Coal MineWikimedia Commons

To begin your journey, consider diving into the region's rich industrial heritage at the Lackawanna Coal Mine. This location holds particular significance for fans of "The Office," as featured in the episode "The Merger." As you descend into the depths of the earth, you will be transported back to the days when coal mining powered the nation. Witness firsthand the grit and determination of the miners who toiled beneath the surface, an experience that mirrors the escapades of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. The dark, narrow tunnels and echoing chambers provide an insight into the challenges these workers faced daily, making it a truly immersive historical encounter.

Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown National Historic Site
Steamtown National Historic SiteShutterstock

For ardent fans of "The Office," the Steamtown National Historic Site is a must-visit location, given its appearance in the "Office Olympics" episode. As you explore the meticulously preserved locomotives and rolling stock, you will feel connected to the show's characters, particularly Jim and Pam. The nostalgic ambience and the evocative sights and sounds of vintage trains transport you back in time, allowing you to relive the spirit of America's railway era. This destination is a testament to Scranton's rich history and significance in the show and real life.

The Electric City Sign

Electric City Sign
Electric City SignShutterstock

No road trip to Scranton is complete without a stop at the iconic Electric City sign. "The Office" fans will instantly recognise this landmark from the show's opening credits. This illuminated marvel is a tribute to Scranton's early adoption of electricity and a symbolic connection to the show's setting. Standing beneath the radiant glow of the sign against the night sky, you will experience a moment of pure "Office" nostalgia, reminding you of the memorable moments shared by the show's beloved characters.

Nay Aug Park

Nay Aug Park
Nay Aug ParkShutterstock

If you are seeking a touch of romance and relaxation, follow in the footsteps of Jim and Pam by visiting Nay Aug Park. This serene oasis provided the backdrop for their heartwarming picnic during the "Niagara" episode. The park's lush pathways, cascading waterfalls, and idyllic picnic spots create an enchanting setting for creating your romantic memories. As you wander through this natural haven, you can't help but be reminded of the love story that unfolded between these two characters, making Nay Aug Park a truly special place for show fans.

The Scranton Cultural Center

For those who appreciate the arts, the Scranton Cultural Center is a must-visit destination that also holds significance in the world of "The Office." In the "The Lover" episode, Jim and Pam's playful day out led them to this stunning architectural masterpiece. As you step inside, you will be captivated by the intricate design and the palpable sense of history. Catching a live performance here allows you to immerse yourself in Scranton's vibrant artistic scene and feel a connection to the show's characters who once explored these halls.

Lackawanna County Courthouse Square

Lackawanna County Courthouse Square
Lackawanna County Courthouse SquareShutterstock

As you journey back in time by exploring the Lackawanna County Courthouse Square, you'll find yourself in a place that played a role in the humorous "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" episode of "The Office." The charming ambience of the square, with its inviting cafes and boutiques, sets the stage for your memorable experiences. As you stroll through the square, it's easy to imagine the comical scenarios unfolding as the Dunder Mifflin employees navigated through various office shenanigans.

Montage Mountain Resorts

For fans seeking adventure, Montage Mountain Resorts is a destination that offers excitement throughout the year. In the winter, channel your inner Dwight as you hit the slopes for exhilarating skiing and snowboarding, recalling the memorable moments from the show where the characters embarked on their snowy escapades. And when the warmer months arrive, the resort transforms into a hub of activity, featuring outdoor concerts, water parks, and even scenic chairlift rides that provide breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. Whether you're a fan of the show's winter-themed episodes or simply love outdoor adventure, Montage Mountain has something for everyone.

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