5 Iconic Skyscrapers That You Must Witness On You Dubai Tour

To celebrate the feats of architecture as works of art, here's a look at few of Dubai's most stunning skyscrapers that you must visit on your Dubai tour
Burj Khalifa
Burj KhalifaShutterstock

Dubai boasts a stunning skyline adorned with towering skyscrapers, showcasing impressive feats of architecture that reach for the sky. Over the past decade, this Emirati metropolis has undergone a remarkable transformation, constantly pushing the boundaries with innovative designs and world-class concepts. The is home to an array of impressive buildings but some including the world's tallest tower and many other unique and groundbreaking architectural wonders. In honour of architectures as works of art, we have curated a list of the most spectacular skyscrapers decorating the city's iconic skyline that you must check out on your Dubai tour.

Burj Khalifa 

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and represents a remarkable achievement in engineering. Standing at a height of 828 meters, it opened its doors in 2010 and has since captured the attention of tourists worldwide. Visitors on their Dubai tour can enjoy the panoramic views from two different vantage points: the two-story "At the Top" on the 124th and 125th floors and the observation deck on the 148th floor, one of the highest in the world at 555 metres.

Cayan Tower

The building's most notable feature is its 90-degree spiral
The building's most notable feature is its 90-degree spiralShutterstock

The Cayan Tower is a must-see stop on any architectural Dubai tour. It's a prominent feature of the city's skyline in Dubai Marina. This 73-story building was formerly known as Infinity Tower, and it's a remarkable example of modern design. The building's most notable feature is its 90-degree spiral, making it the world's tallest twisted building. The tower houses 495 luxurious apartments, and every floor was precisely designed to rotate 1.2 degrees from the previous one, creating a captivating spiral effect. The area is best explored on foot or dhow boat.

Princess Tower 

Princess Tower is the tallest residential building in Dubai Marina
Princess Tower is the tallest residential building in Dubai MarinaShutterstock

It is the tallest residential tower in one of the most exclusive districts, Dubai Marina. It is a 107-storey tower (1,358 ft) comprising of 6 basements, a ground Floor, and 100 Floors, in which a total of 763 residential units combining one, two, and three-bedroom apartments as well as exclusive penthouses and duplexes are being offered for both investment and personal purposes.

Emirates Towers 

Emirates Towers is stands out in Dubai's skyline due to its unique design
Emirates Towers is stands out in Dubai's skyline due to its unique designShutterstock

Emirates Towers is a remarkable building complex in Dubai, consisting of two tall buildings: the Emirates Office Tower and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The two buildings are connected by the Emirates Towers Boardwalk, which is a delightful public space that offers cafes and shops for people working in the local business district.

The boardwalk is two stories high and filled with natural light. It features designer stores and other interesting outlets that showcase the city's future. This luxurious area is adjacent to the financial centre of the city and offers stunning views of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the Dubai World Trade Centre campus, and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Emirates Towers has been a distinctive feature of the Dubai skyline since its opening in 2000.

23 Marina Towers

A view of the iconic 23 Marina Towers
A view of the iconic 23 Marina TowersShutterstock

Located in Dubai Marina, the 23 Marina skyscraper stands at 380 meters high with a stunning blue glass exterior. It is currently the fourth tallest building in Dubai and the sixth tallest residential building in the world. The tower boasts 57 swimming pools and each duplex comes equipped with a private elevator.

Residents of 23 Marina can enjoy breathtaking views of Marina and Palm Jumeirah, making for an extraordinary experience. The tower offers spacious 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and duplexes with a variety of amazing views. Each unit features contemporary-styled interiors, marble and wood finishing, premium fixtures and fittings, and a fully equipped kitchen.

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