Garden in Keukenhof, Netherlands
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Floral Fantasies: 5 Tulip Gardens To Visit Across The World

Tulips are the quintessential flowers of springtime with its vibrant hues and full blooms. Here are a list of tulip gardens from across the world that you can visit to experience the beauty of the blossoms

When you spot a cluster of tulips, the riot of colours that arrest your eyes is so vivid that the want to photograph the scene becomes an instinct. You must have seen a plethora of social media posts containing snapshots and videos of these colourful and brightly blooming flowers. Typically, the season of tulips starts as March winds down and goes on until the end of May as summer picks up the pace. The blooms of tulips mark the arrival of spring in many parts of the world, and travellers from around the globe go to see the blooms in gardens and parks. There are a number of tulip gardens around the world that you can visit to witness the magnificence of spring come alive in the blooms of these vibrant flowers. 

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

The Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands are one of the biggest flower gardens in the world. Spanning across 32 hectares and with over seven million flower bulbs being planted every year. Along with tulips, the gardens also have a colourful medley of lilies, daffodils, hyacinths, roses, and carnations. Flower shows, and other events are regularly hosted in the gardens, which sees an influx of tourists around springtime. Dutch floriculturists and flower companies display a variety of exhibitions displaying some of the best flowering bulbs in their catalogues. The designers working in the garden create designs for flower companies. The gardens also serve as a spot for artists who want to display their works of art. 

Address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands

Best time to visit: Early March to mid-April

Tonami Tulip Park, Japan

The city of Tonami is known as one of the leading producers of tulip bulbs in Japan. The tulip is also the official flower of the country's Toyama Prefecture. The Tonami Tulip Park has immense fields that are arranged immaculately in rows of yellows, reds and oranges as far as the eye can see. The park has many picturesque spots that are perfect for picnics or just taking a stroll through. You can take your pick between the different walking paths. Walk along the small river running through the park, accentuated with waterwheels and bridges. The tulip park offers many tourist attractions, including observation decks with 360-degree panorama views and an indoor Tulip Gallery. The park remains open throughout the year and can be accessed at any time of the month unless otherwise notified. 

Address: 1-32 Hanazonomachi, Tonami, Toyama 939-1382, Japan

Best time to visit: Late April to early May

Munsiyari Tulip Garden, Uttarakhand

The Munsyari Nature Education and Eco Park Center, sprawling across 30 hectares, offers visitors a captivating Tulip Garden. Tourists can find comfortable accommodations in huts and tents amidst this serene setting. As spring arrives, the garden comes alive with a stunning carpet of blooming tulips, accompanied by daffodils, iris, and lilium, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of colours and fragrances. This enchanting display is made possible by 25,000 tulip bulbs imported from the Netherlands, making it the largest in Asia. Nature enthusiasts and flower lovers alike flock to this picturesque destination to immerse themselves in its natural beauty and tranquillity. 

Address: 362F+FQ5, Munsyari, Uttarakhand 262554

Best time to visit: April to May

Emirgan Park, Turkey

Emirgan Park, located in the charming Emirgan neighbourhood along the Bosphorus shores, spans 3,25,000 square metres. It was originally the private retreat of the Egyptian Khedive Ismail Pasa and was later gifted by Ottoman Sultan Murad IV to an Iranian nobleman, Emir Gun. Today, it has transformed into a stunning public garden cherished by both locals and tourists in Istanbul. The park holds a strong association with the tulip, a traditional flower that inspired the name of the Ottoman Empire era (1718-1730). In the 1960s, a dedicated garden was established to revive the city's tulip cultivation tradition. Since 2005, the park has hosted an annual international tulip festival in April, adorning it with a captivating array of colourful flowers.

Address: Reşitpaşa, Emirgan Sk., 34467 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Türkiye

Best time to visit: April

Corbett Gardens, Australia

Corbett Gardens in Bowral is the focal point of the Tulip Time Festival, established in 1911. Situated at the town's heart, the garden showcases an impressive variety of tulips, vibrant spring bulbs, shrubs, and trees. As one of the region's oldest and most exquisite parks, Corbett Gardens takes centre stage during the Spring Garden Festival, featuring a stunning display of over 75,000 tulips and 15,000 annuals. The festival draws more than 40,000 visitors annually and takes place at the end of September. Managed by the local council, the garden is generally free for public access throughout the year, with an entry fee applied only during the Tulip Time Festival.

Address: Wingecarribee St, Bowral NSW 2576, Australia

Best time to visit: April to May

Garden in Keukenhof, Netherlands
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Garden in Keukenhof, Netherlands
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