A Spectacle Of Pink: Places To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms In India

The sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom is nothing short of enchanting, and for those who cannot make the trip to Japan, India offers some stunning alternatives
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Cherry blossoms are typically associated with Japan, and many people are often surprised to learn that their origin lies in the Himalayas, closer to India. It was from the Himalayas that they spread to Japan, where they came to symbolise the fleeting beauty of life. Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, first began in the 8th century and has since become a universal symbol of renewal and the arrival of spring.

With the arrival of the season of cherry blossoms in India, cities are about to be adorned with beautiful flowers. The blooming period of cherry blossoms in India varies depending on the geographical location, lasting from November to March. Like Japan, some states in India also celebrate festivals to honour this flourishing season.

Explore our list of places to enjoy the visual treat of cherry blossoms across India.

Jammu and Kashmir

Cherry blossom in Kashmir
Cherry blossom in KashmirWikimedia Commons

Jammu & Kashmir in India is a fantastic place to witness the beautiful cherry blossoms. The pink and white flowers add to the region's natural beauty, and you can find these cherry blossom trees in places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Baramulla, and Shopian. Tailbal and Dara, located about 13 kilometres from Srinagar, are well-known for cherry orchards. Kashmir is one of India's major cherry growers. The falling blossoms create a colourful carpet on the ground, which enhances the area's charm, making it even more captivating for observers. The time of peak bloom in Kashmir is March and April.


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The beauty of cherry blossoms in India amidst nature is enchanting, especially in Sikkim. The state is home to only two locations where these delicate flowers bloom. Firstly, in the Kanchenjunga National Park region, the pink Sakura blossoms dazzle from November to December. A separate species is rumoured to blossom in March and April. This location has long been a favourite for photographers and nature enthusiasts to savour the beauty of these pink blooms. Additionally, you can witness cherry blossoms in full bloom at the Temi Tea Garden area, where they create a breathtaking vista. These cherry blossom trees offer a spectacular sight against the snow-capped mountains.


Cherry Blossom in Nagaland
Cherry Blossom in NagalandFacebook

Nagaland is a state in the northeast region of India known for its stunning cherry blossom trees. The Himalayan Cherry Blossoms, mainly grown in the Himalayan region of India, can be found in the Botanical Garden of Kohima in Nagaland. These trees bloom after the rainy season, from October to November, and add an extra layer of beauty to the already breathtaking flora of the falcon capital.

These cherry blossoms have therapeutic properties that help relieve bodily ailments and function as antioxidants, making them ideal for tea-making. The flowers and tea offer a dreamy perspective of the surrounding environment, and you can take photographs or enjoy a drink among the cherry blossoms. A trip to Nagaland to experience the cherry blossoms of the Indian Himalayas is worth it.


Cherry Blossom in Shillong
Cherry Blossom in Shillongunhotelier/instagram

Cherry blossoms have become popular in Shillong, showcased in the Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is celebrated across the country and is held during November and December, coinciding with the blooming season of the flowers in the Khasi and Garo hills. The sight of the cherry blossoms in full bloom is a breathtaking view, resembling a living painting. Visitors from all over the globe travel to witness this stunning sight.

The festival offers live music and family activities, attracting social media enthusiasts to capture memories of Japanese-inspired trees. Ward's Lake is one of Shillong's most appealing attractions. It offers a beautiful wooden bridge, lush slopes, and well-maintained gardens, making it a popular recreational destination for residents and visitors alike. The blooming of cherry blossom trees in India brings a season of joy and vitality to these picturesque regions.


Cherry Blossoms of Bangalore
Cherry Blossoms of Bangaloreswastik_chaayagraahaka/instagram

Bangalore, India's technology hub, is not only famous for its IT companies but also for its beautiful cherry blossoms. These trees bloom in January and add to the magnificence of the city's streets. Although less abundant than other regions, they undoubtedly contribute to the city's charm. Interestingly, the British first introduced these pink flowers to Bangalore to deal with their homesickness, enriching the city's floral heritage. A visit to the streets of Bangalore is a must-do to admire the natural beauty of its trees and capture it through your camera lens. A few places where you can witness the magnificent bloom are Cubbon Park, Jayanagar 4th Block, AECS Layout, and Benniganahalli Lake. With this resemblance, Bangalore has become a unique part of India's Cherry Blossom experience.

Himachal Pradesh

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An aesthetic centre of cherry blossoms in India is found in Himachal. It is native to the northwestern region and thrives in the Himalayan surroundings. Nature lovers will be amazed by the pink blossoms contrasted against the blue skies and lush greenery. You can find these beautiful cherry blossoms in the remote districts of Kotkhai, Kumarsain, Bhutti, Mashobra, and Narkanda. The experience is similar to the famous cherry blossoms in Japan. These delicate flowers bloom in March and April, indicating the arrival of spring while the temperatures are still cool, and the gentle sun adds to the excitement. People from around the country visit these places to capture the stunning moments. Dharamshala is also a popular destination for cherry blossoms in India.


Cherry Blossoms of Mumbai
Cherry Blossoms of Mumbaidr__gastronomist/instagram

Mumbai, unlike hilly regions in India, offers a picturesque view of cherry blossoms within India. These pink flowers decorate the streets from December to April, attracting both locals and tourists who come to capture the vibrant hues in photographs. The "pink trumpet" mesmerises its onlookers during the best weather conditions. To replicate the cherry blossom trees found in Tokyo, Mumbai has strategically planted tree replicas in locations like the Vikhroli section of the Eastern Express Highway. These low-maintenance trees add an elegant touch to the surroundings, making it a must-visit place for those in and around the city.

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