Book The Agomoni River Cruise For A Unique Durga Puja Experience

Board the cruise and sail past the ancient ghats and warehouses along the river, check out the iconic brick-red Howrah Station and the ancient mansions along the shore
Enjoy stunning views of the Howrah Bridge from the deck
Enjoy stunning views of the Howrah Bridge from the deck@thebargecompany/Instagram

A river running through a metro city. Paris has that, as does London, Amsterdam, Bangkok... and Kolkata. When you are in the City of Joy for Durga Puja, a must-do activity is exploring the legendary Hooghly River. The Hooghly River, which flows out to the Bay of Bengal, had a key role to play in the making of modern Indian history, trade and commerce.

The river bank is dotted with several ghats and jetties. At one end is the 1883-built Palladian porch of Prinsep Ghat, built in honour of scholar and antiquary James Prinsep. There are many interesting ways to explore life around the Hooghly. If you are coming during Durga Puja, a trip to Kolkata would be incomplete without a ride on the Hooghly.  

The Aagomoni Cruise On Mahalaya

The celebrations of Durga Puja begin with Mahalaya, the day of Aagomoni, or the day when goddess Durga is said to have descended on Earth. On Mahalaya, Bengalis typically rise early and listen to actor and thetare director Birendra Krishna Bhadra narrate the "Mahishasura Mardini," a set of Sanskrit recitations on India's oldest radio show aired by the All India Radio (Calcutta). This year, on Mahalaya evening, you can sign up for a special dinner cruise on the Hooghly. The Barge Company is curating the best of Bengali delicacies, pujo entertainment, in the backdrop of the stunning Howrah Bridge to keep you company.

The lifeline of Kolkata, the Hooghly river, as the Ganga is known on its final stretch of the journey to the sea, is at its prettiest during early evenings. A fiesta-like atmosphere envelops the Outram Ghat on the river bank, with people thronging the area, while the balloon-sellers, chaiwalas and the chana-walas try to draw the attention of the visitors. 

Board the cruise at Outram Ghat on Strand Road and sail past the ancient ghats and warehouses along the river, check out the iconic brick-red Howrah Station. North of the city, the river widens, with magnificent homes along the shore, with Doric columns, green shutters and deep louvered verandahs isolated in their solitude. Slim fishing dinghies lay nets crisscrossing the river.

They will also provide entertainment on board for you to soak in that special 'pujo' atmosphere.

The Information

What: Aagomoni: A Mahalaya dinner cruise with 'The Barge Company'

When: October 14, 6:30 pm

Where: Board from Outram Ghat, Kolkata

Cost: INR 1,999 for vegetarian and INR 2,199 for non vegetarian

The cruise is for 5 years and above. Group discounts are available (10 per cent for groups of 4 or more). They are offering special pricing for children too. You have to be on time as the they set sail sharp at 7 pm, and dock back at the same jetty post dinner. Parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Book a seat here.

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