Unleash Your Summer Spirits with These Whiskey-Based Cocktails

Add a splash of fun and flavourful twist to the season with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple and Tennessee Honey
Unleash Your Summer Spirits with These Whiskey-Based Cocktails

The season gets you craving a bit of magic as the sun begins to shine brighter. It is the time when days come filled with vivid colours, and that certainly calls for fun celebrations with your loved ones. If you are enjoying the season's best with a pool party here and a sundowner there, Jack Daniel's has something more to jazz up your days with its smooth, refreshing and flavourful whiskeys with spins unlike anything you've tasted before. 

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple and Tennessee Honey are far from the usual, blending the unforgettable hefty flavour with a distinct flavour that lingers on. While Tennessee Honey envelops you in its smooth indulgence, the refreshing crisp of Tennessee Apple enlivens you instantly.  

The best part? They can elevate your favourite cocktails, even ones that don't require much ado, into a drink that would come to define the season. So, get ready to summer up with our list of all-time favourite recipes that you can stir up at home anytime you like in less than five minutes and ingredients:  

Jack Honey Ginger  

This cocktail is like a harmonious dance between a smooth-talking whiskey and ginger ale's sweet, mellow flavour. Whether you are hosting a backyard barbeque or simply unwinding over a few drinks with friends, this drink instantly transports you to a tropical paradise with its medley of refreshing flavours.  


-50 ml Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey  

-Ginger ale  


-Sliced lime and mint for garnish 


Fill a tall glass with ice 

Add Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey followed by ginger ale  

Garnish with mint leaves and sliced lime 

Jack Honey Lemonade  

This refreshing cocktail is a delightful fusion of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and the zingy goodness of lemonade. The beauty of this cocktail lies not only in its fantastic flavours but also in its simplicity. With just a few easy steps, be the star of any party this season.  


50 ml Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey  

Lemonade mix  

Lime wedges 


Fill your glass with crushed ice 

Add Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, followed by lemonade mix  

Garnish with lime wedges 

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple Shutterstock

Jack Apple Spritz 

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple and Prosecco? Well, that's a fun fruity mix right there. Nothing spells summer quite like this drink does. Relish the season's finest flavour with this happening mix that gets the party going. 


1 1/2 oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple  

3 oz Prosecco 



Fill your glass up to the brim with ice 

Add Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple over it  

Follow it up with adding Prosecco and top it with soda 

Jack Apple Tonic 

Flirty, bubbly and fresh, the Jack Apple Fizz is made to be an instant hit at any party. Concocted to infuse a whole lot of life into a summer day, you can't miss the beat with this one. Put together using only a  few easily available ingredients, once you make a tall glass of this blend, there's no stopping. 


Ice Cubes 

50 ml Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple  

Premium tonic water 

Slice of green apple for garnish 


Fill the glass with ice 

Add the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple  

Pour the tonic water 

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