This Festival In Mumbai Celebrates Wild Foods

The annual Wild Foods Festival celebrates indigenous wild foods from Maharashtra, and the Adivasi communities dedicated to preserving them
Rich in #Proteins, this wild amaranth is found aplenty in the monsoons in all parts of India. and especially in the Western Ghats
Rich in #Proteins, this wild amaranth is found aplenty in the monsoons in all parts of India. and especially in the Western Ghats@ooofarms/Instagram

Foraging walks for wild foods have exploded in metropolitan areas all over the world. There are many walks that you can sign up for and discover the tradition of wild edibles in communities across India.

There are now festivals that showcase the wealth of wild food. For ages, indigenous communities' meals have included wild edibles. Chefs, academics, and food cooperatives are now attempting to document the therapeutic and nutritional potential of these wild delicacies.

On The Wild Side

The Wild Food Festival is one such event. Now in its fifth year, the annual festival is being held on August 27 in Mumbai. You can savour indigenous varieties of vegetables found in Maharashtra’s forests and tap into a conversation on food security at the festival.

The Wild Food Festival was conceptualised by OOO Farms, a social venture with roots in sustainable chemical-free farming in the Sahyadris, to celebrate indigenous wild foods from Maharashtra and the Adivasi communities dedicated to preserving them.

OOO Farms works with village hamlets in Maharashtra and Gujarat to conserve and encourage indigenous farming practices, native seeds and communal culture. They insist that people bring their parents or grandparents to the festival because they will likely be able to identify aalambi, amarkand, phodshi, kurdu, keni and over 100 varieties of vegetables on display.

The Aim Of The Festival

The Wild Foods Festival wants to create a conversation about how our eating habits and market variety have changed dramatically over the last 60 years. It will also encourage people to think about food security concerning the edible bounty of our woods and the traditional wisdom of the communities that rely on them.

The festival will feature around 200 wild foods. You can sample several delicacies cooked with wild foods sourced directly from the jungles. This will include dishes created with the mahua flower. You will also be exposed to mountain cuisine prepared by Maharashtra tribal farmers.

This year’s edition of the Wild Food Festival by @OOOFarms is in collaboration with The Locavore, an organisation committed to creating long-lasting impact through food. They aim to do this by telling diverse stories about regional Indian food.

The Information

What: The Wild Foods Festival

When: Sunday, August 27, 2023. Timing: 2:30 PM to 10 PM

Where: Don Bosco College, D - Wing, Premier Automobiles Road, near Kohinoor Mall, Kurla (W), Mumbai - 70

Contact: +91 9727712345. Email:

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