These Cafés In Jaipur Are Serving Mindful Meals

While Jaipur's laal maas and kachoris steal the show, there's a lot more brewing in the city when it comes to organic and mindful meals. Here's our choice of the best cafes in the Pink City if you want to indulge, but truly without any guilt
Several cafes in Jaipur are championing locally sourced and sustainable foods
Several cafes in Jaipur are championing locally sourced and sustainable foodsMarta Robles Diaz on Unsplash

Ever thought how hummus would taste if you replaced olive oil with mustard oil? It might sound strange but if we are to believe food explorer Vinayak Agarwal, it’s best to work with ingredients grown locally–even to prepare global cuisines. 

Jaipur is a city that wakes up to golden kachoris sizzling in humongous woks and sleeps to luscious malai kulfi. But it’s also a city gradually leaning towards mindful eating, ethical sourcing and championing local produce—thanks to these culinary players who are cultivating sustainable eating habits. Here are the best cafes in Jaipur to try out delicious mindful creations:

Bajra bhelpuri at the cafe
Bajra bhelpuri at the cafe Arth Spaces on Instagram

A culinary adventurer, Agarwal is whipping up the aforementioned ‘rebel’ hummus among other dishes from indigenous ingredients for his soon-to-be sustainable cafe in Jaipur—Arth Spaces (P No. C, Chomu House, 26, Gulab Path). His mission is to explain the “why” of food—why we eat what we eat, the history behind and the beauty of local produce.

Right now, the cafe is sourcing wheat, rice and kacchi ghaani tel locally, and aspires to do the same with its veggies soon. They’re also considering starting bio-composting for better waste management.

Must-eats: Rice Millet Salad and Bajra Bhelpuri. Price for two: INR 300/-

Tucked in a quaint corner in Jawahar Kala Kendra is Cafe Quaint (Jawahar Kala Kendra, Gandhi Nagar). What sets them apart is their usage of every vegetable from root to shoot to ensure a zero-waste kitchen. Case in point: beetroot. The peels add colour to the soup stock, the leaves make the salads crunchy and the bulb goes into hummus, sauces, pickles and hummus.

Chef and owner Ayesha Sajjan procures all her produce hyer-locally to reduce their carbon footprint and to contribute to the local economy. The menu is also changed seasonally to incorporate ingredients available briefly but in abundance.

The expansive menu at Cafe Quaint
The expansive menu at Cafe Quaint Cafe Quaint on Instagram

Going the extra mile, the cafe uses recyclable containers for deliveries, metal straws, and encourages you to bring your own cups and containers for takeaway orders to avoid single-use plastic. The waste water from cooking is used in mopping and the residual water from the AC is recycled to water the lotus pond outside the cafe.

Must-eats: Methi Tacos, Bathua Nachos, Sweet Potato and Millet Croquettes with Radish Labneh. Price for two: INR 1200/-

Mindfulness Meets Fine-Dine

Another spot for mindful eating is the Jaipur Modern Kitchen (51, Dhuleshwar Garden, Sardar Patel Marg). By associating themselves with organic farming initiatives in Rajasthan, they ensure supreme quality by being in close contact with their producers.

Veggies are sourced from their own farm or via local farmers, confectionery is whipped fresh every day, and menus are innovated according to what’s in season. Known for their collaborative approach with chefs and food explorers from around the world, JMK is currently doing a "quinoa menu" in association with Organic Farmer Co. to promote healthy eating.

The food at Jaipur Modern Kitchen boasts a wide variety and uses organic veggies
The food at Jaipur Modern Kitchen boasts a wide variety and uses organic veggiesJaipur Modern Kitchen on Instagram

The soothing abience overlooking a serene lawn, earthy furniture and muted decor add the wholesome experience.

Must-eats: Soba Noodle Salad and Healing Broth. Price for two: INR 1900/-

For all the vegetarians who enjoy the finer things in life, Cafe White Sage (Ajmer Rd, inside Meraaki Kitchen) is the place to be. With elevated vegetarian meals, the cafe aims to give you a holistic mind-body-soul experience through local, seasonal ingredients, innovations in food and minimalist, zen-like decor.

They believe in collaborating with individuals who can innovate food and curate bespoke events for their guests and bring to life progressive, gourmet cuisine.

Must-eats: Som Tam Salad and Ragi Nachos. Price for two: INR 1900/-

Grow Your Beans And Brew Them Too

Tucked in the lush lawns of Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, KaCoBa (Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, Narayan Singh Rd, Rambagh) is a coffee bar that serves mocktail-inspired coffee drinks that taste like alcohol. Arpan Patel, co-founder of studio Kassa and KaCoBa, says they grow their own micro-lots of coffee on tiny estates, which gives their beverages an artisanal taste.

The coffee is brewed in-house to introduce notes of pineapple, whiskey and frozen cherry. A must-have is the Wit Brew–whiskey barrel cold brew topped with orange juice and soda. The first swig calls to mind the texture of beer with the comfort of coffee.

Must-eats: Bela Phool and Kevda iced teas. Price for two: INR 500/-

Curious Life Coffee Roasters crafts specialty coffee in a wide variety of roasts
Curious Life Coffee Roasters crafts specialty coffee in a wide variety of roastsCurious Life Coffee Roasters on Instagram

Elsewhere, Curious Life Coffee Roasters crafts specialty coffee in a wide variety of roasts. They work with farmers in pan-India to procure the finest beans and cup their coffees for days at different profiles to strike the right balance of aroma, body, flavour, and complexity.

There are no light, medium or dark roasts here, just one roast unique to each origin coffee. Found in two locations in C-Scheme (Sarojini Marg, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar and  P 25, Yudhister Marg, near Deer Park), the cafe also does annual and bi-annual coffee subscriptions and sells coffee gear, filter coffee and espresso roasts.

Must-eats: Nitro brew, craft brew and bakes. Price for two: INR 600/-

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