Savouring Bebinca, The 'Queen Of Goan Desserts'

This popular Goan delicacy has recently been included in a list of GI-tagged products from Goa. Here is all you need to know about this sweet treat and places in Goa to try it
Bebinka is a layered cake
Bebinka is a layered cakeShutterstock

Among Goan desserts, the bebinca claims the title of 'queen' with its fluffy, cake-like texture and sweet taste. This month, the well-loved bebinca earned its place among a collection of other cherished Goan creations that bear the coveted GI (Geographical Indication) tag, solidifying its status as an authentic Goan treasure. The caramel-coloured delicacy is a big hit among the locals as well as tourists. The bebinca is part of the Indo-Portuguese cuisine in Goa, which everyone swears by.

The layered cake is a Christmas speciality, but it is now available in Goa all year round. A painstaking process, making this multilayered cake requires a lot of skill and patience.


How this delectable sweet came to being remains a mystery, but there are a number of origin tales and legends, each as fascinating as the other. Among the many stories, the one with the nuns of Santa Monica Convent in Old Goa remains popular. According to this origin story, Sister Bebiana and her group of sisters came up with the recipe. They would starch their robes using egg whites and then ingeniously repurpose the leftover egg yolks into these sweets.


The bebinca has between seven and sixteen layers, with a batter made of flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolk, and coconut milk. To prepare the sweet, the batter is meticulously spread delicately and thinly across a grill, allowing the layers to artfully meld together. To enhance its allure, bebinca is usually garnished with nutmeg and slivered almonds to enhance the flavours.

Places In Goa To Try Bebinca

When you are visiting the beach town, this quintessential Goan dessert can be tried at some of these places.

Viva Panjim

Nestled within the heart of Panaji, Viva Panjim stands as a cherished legacy restaurant, celebrated for its atmosphere and cuisine. Among their culinary treasures, the Bebinca emerges as a crowning jewel, an absolute must-indulge for dessert aficionados. A symphony of layers, rich coconut essence, and an explosion of flavours, this dessert undeniably deserves a prominent spot on every food enthusiast's bucket list.

Address: 178, 31st January Road, Behind Mary Immaculate High School, Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa

Souza Lobo

To round off your delectable seafood feast, indulge in the irresistible bebinca at Souza Lobo, a treat that comes crowned with a generous scoop of velvety ice cream. This hearty dessert boasts a splendid composition of seven sumptuous layers, each delivering an exquisite explosion of flavours.

Address: Beach, Calangute, Goa 403516

Mr Baker 1922

Stepping into the vintage enclave of Mr Baker 1922 is a treat for the taste buds and a heartwarming experience of genuine hospitality. Revered fondly as Mr Baker, this quaint bakery not only entices with its authentic home-style snacks but also takes the spotlight with its traditional Bebinca, a true culinary gem. Characterized by its seven delicate layers, this dessert has a balanced flavour of sweetness that doesn't overwhelm, showcasing the artistry of a perfect blend. Infused with the subtle allure of coconut and adorned with a velvety smoothness, this bebinca creates a meltingly delightful sensation.

Address: Dr Dada Vaidya Road, Opposite Municipal Garden, Panaji (North Goa), Goa

Caravela Cafe and Bistro

Caravela Cafe and Bistro offers a heartwarming culinary experience with its comforting home-style fare that resonates with a sense of nostalgia. A symphony of flavours that soothes the soul, this establishment takes pride in serving up a heartwarming selection of dishes. And to culminate your food journey on a sweet note, indulge in their exquisite bebinca, which has garnered a reputation as the finest in Goa. A delectable treat that caters to your sweet cravings, it's the perfect way to end your dining experience on a high note.

Address: Caravela Homestay, House 27, 31st January Road, Panaji, Goa

Martin's Corner

Martin's Corner, located in South Goa, beckons food enthusiasts to embark on a delectable culinary journey. A haven for scrumptious delights, this renowned establishment is a must-visit for those seeking an indulgent feast. Savour the timeless delight of Martin's traditional bebinca. Served alongside a velvety scoop of vanilla ice cream, this combination tantalises the taste buds with an exquisite symphony of flavours.

Address: 69, Binwaddo, Betalbatim, Salcette, Salcette, Goa 403713

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