Satiate Your Hunger: Explore The Unique Street Food Of Indore

From the mouth-watering Khopra Kachori at Vijay Chaat to the flavorful Turmeric Milk at Laxmi Narayan Doodhwala, these street foods of Indore are sure to satisfy your craving for something unique
Papri chat on the streets of Indore
Papri chat on the streets of IndoreDepositphotos

When it comes to street food in India, each region has its own distinctive flavours and specialities. Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, is no exception. Known for its rich culinary heritage, Indore offers a wide array of mouthwatering street food that can tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Here, let's take you on a gastronomic journey to explore the unique street food of Indore.

Poha-Jalebi at Prashant Nashta Corner 

Poha Jalebi
Poha Jalebiindoreshahar/Instagram

The jalebis in Indore are thicker than in other places and are often eaten with poha. There are many small roadside stalls selling poha-jalebi all day long all over Indore. While Head Sahab Ke Pohe focuses mostly on poha, there are many great places where you can try the delicious and interesting combination of poha and jalebi. One of the best places on Red Church Road to start your day with a serving of the very popular Indori poha-jalebi is Prashant Nashta corner near Suyash Hospital.

Khopra Patties at Vijay Chaat

Khopra Patties at Vijay Chaat
Khopra Patties at Vijay ChaatIndoresfoodie/Instagram

You should try the khopra patties from Indore instead of your usual alu and ragda patties. The dish, which is made from coconut, is a variation of the perennial alu tikki that is consumed all over the nation. Before deep frying the tikkis, they simply stuff them with grated coconut. The dish's spicy flavour and crunchy texture make it impossible to resist. The ideal accompaniment for khopra patties is a spicy red chutney. One of the most well-liked restaurants in the city is Vijay Chat House, which is situated at Chappan Dukaan. In addition to their famous khopra patties, they offer all of the other popular Indore snacks.

 Turmeric Milk at Laxmi Narayan Doodhwala

 Turmeric Milk at Laxmi Narayan Doodhwala
Turmeric Milk at Laxmi Narayan Doodhwala__indoriii09/Instagram

Laxmi Narayan Doodhwala is a well-known restaurant that is ideal for satisfying your dairy cravings. They offer two flavours of hot milk: turmeric and saffron. One of Indore's oldest businesses, it is still open to customers who come here after a long day of work to enjoy their hot, filling, and flavorful milk. The store is situated in the Indra Complex on Sameer Chhawni at RNT Marg.

Pav Bhaji at Young Tarang, Chappan Dukan 

Pav Bhaji at Young Tarang
Pav Bhaji at Young Tarangfoodfirst_by_naina

One of the best loved foods in India, this Pav Bhaji is famous all over Indore just through word of mouth publicity. You can find this mouth-watering dish on the Chappan Dukan street crowded with customers all day. Fixed in just a matter of seconds, the goodness of this meal will keep you filled for the rest of the day.

Usal Poha at Head Sahab Ke Pohe

Usal Poha at Head Sahab Ke Pohe
Usal Poha at Head Sahab Ke Pohechatora_nagpur/ Instagram

When you hear the name Indore, one of the first things that comes to mind is its well-known poha dish. For Indore residents, the healthy and delicious snack serves as a staple breakfast. Usal poha is oe of the more popular dishes served at Head Sahab Ke Pohe in the Old Palasia neighborhood. During the early morning hours, hundreds of people swarm the little roadside restaurant.

Shikanji at Madhuram Sweets, Chhapan Dukaan

Shikanji at Madhuram Sweets
Shikanji at Madhuram Sweets gautami_khadkatkar/ Instagram

Do not be misled by the name; this is not a tart lemon drink that you would have with all the chaat at Chappan Dukan or Sarafa Bazar. This milky, thick variation is a meal in itself. The Shikanji glass is topped with a mountain of dry fruits and has a rich, lassi-like flavour with a texture somewhere between a rabdi and lassi.

Flying Dahi Vada at Joshi Dahi Vada

Flying Dahi Vada at Joshi Dahi Vada
Flying Dahi Vada at Joshi Dahi VadaDepositphotos

The flying dahi vada is a bit gimmicky and gets its name from the way it is served to customers. If you want to see this for yourself, visit Joshi Dahi Vada in Sarafa Bazaar. The restaurant draws a sizable crowd of foodies because it is known as one of India's most intriguing chaat corners. They come here to see the owner tossing the vadas into the air and expertly catching them with the serving bowl.

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