Raise A Glass: Unforgettable Vodka Brands For Your Celebration

On this International Vodka Day, explore the major brands of vodka from SKYY to Tito's and choose the most suitable for yourself
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On this International Vodka Day, we remember that this clear, water-like-looking alcoholic drink, vodka, is among the most loved alcohol varieties around the world. In fact, vodka not only looks like water, but the word itself means "water." People usually judge the quality of vodka based on how fast it gets them drunk without providing that burning sensation on the way down. The best part about this drink is its versatility, in that, you can drink it straight, mix it with your favourite cocktails, infuse it with flavour, or if you’re looking for that extra bite, you can have it chilled.

To mark the occasion of International Vodka Day, we have curated a list of best vodka brands which you should not miss. Arrange your glasses and take a look at the list for the brand most suited for your taste buds.

1. Reyka

Reyka Vodka
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This Icelandic vodka brand is among the very few who are able to make excellent quality vodka in small batches at an affordable price. Made from naturally purified water of glacial spring in Iceland, the distinct taste and flavour of the vodka speaks for itself. Reyka is filtered through the same rocks that make the area's water so incredibly pure to produce an incredibly crisp and clean spirit. On the palate, it tastes somewhat sweet with citrus and grassy undertones, but it also has a little heat from a spice that is similar to black pepper.

2. Harridan

Harridan vodka
Harridan vodkabeaupierrewinenyc/instagram

Harridan is a woman-owned craft distillery with headquarters in New York that uses corn as the basis for its vodka. It is one of Camille Wilson's favourite bottles to have at home, according to the creator of the website "The Cocktail Snob" and the book "Free Spirit Cocktails." It has an alcohol strength of 88 proof, which is more than that of most other vodka variations, and Wilson says it's "super smooth" whether you choose to sip it neat or drink it with ice.


SKYY Vodka
SKYY Vodkatoast_monopolowy/instagram

The Campari Group-owned SKYY was among the first to make its alcoholic beverages from grain and water in the United States, and it contributed to the rise of US-made vodkas. It's neutral taste which can be downright falvourless is what makes it perfect as a base for cocktails.

4. Ciroc

Ciroc Vodka
Ciroc Vodkadiskount.ro/instagram

Diddy's Ciroc is one of the few notable exceptions to the rule that celebrity-backed firms in the alcohol sector rarely produce a high-quality product. Due to its charcoal filtration process, which helps to soften any harsher flavours in the spirit, Ciroc, which is made from French grapes rather than grains, has a slight sweetness to it that makes it even more enjoyable to drink (or shoot).

5. Tito's 

Tito's Vodka
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What was once a small craft distillery is now one of the country's major vodka makers. Wilson also enjoys Tito's because of how reasonably priced it is, which is one of the main reasons for many bars around the nation to have it up on their shelves. It is a soft, unremarkable vodka made from corn that is suitable for blending into drinks.

6. St. George's All Purpose

St. George's Vodka
St. George's Vodkaptkk55__/instagram

One of the first craft distilleries in the United States, St. George is located in California and has been operating for the past 40 years. Rashaun Hall, who writes about spirits for "FoodBeast" and "The Whisky Lifestyle," commends St. George for persevering in its trade for so long. Among its three vodka selections, he prefers its most basic All Purpose variety. The All-Purpose, according to Hall, is "simple and clean, yet distinctive when compared to others." What distinguishes it? As an 80 proof vodka, St. George takes its signature pear brandy, combines it with a grain base alcohol, filters it, and then bottles it.

7. Haku

Haku Vodka
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Prior to people switching to gin because it had flavour, vodka had been the most widely used spirit to make martinis. Now that vodka martinis are once again popular, we believe Suntory's Haku is the best choice. According to Tony Sachs, a drinks writer for "The Whisky Advocate" and "Alcohol Professor," it is made in Japan from rice, which gives it a starchy feel and flavour that actually tastes a little like sake.

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