Places To Visit In Bhubaneswar For The Best Food

Whether you crave the comforts of home or authentic Odia cuisine, here are the best places to eat in Bhubaneswar
Yogurt-based lassi prepared in Odia style. It is topped with grated coconut, cherry, cashew nuts and raisins
Yogurt-based lassi prepared in Odia style. It is topped with grated coconut, cherry, cashew nuts and raisinsSubhransuphotography/Wikimedia Commons

Bhubaneswar is commonly referred to as “Ekamra Khetra” or the temple city. This is because of its intermingling Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions and heritage. Back in the day, there were thousands of mediaeval stone temples built in the Kalinga style of architecture. Today, the city welcomes tourists keen on sampling Odia cuisine, attending indigenous festivals and fairs, and catching Odissi dance performances.

As you embark on your Odisha tour, here are the best places to visit in Bhubaneswar where you can eat to your heart’s delight.

Nakli Dhaba

Nakli Dhaba
Nakli DhabaMayfairLagoonBhubaneswar/Facebook

As the name suggests, this restaurant recreates the atmosphere of a highway dhaba, a roadside restaurant which serves local cuisine and acts as a rest stop for truck drivers. The décor of the place resembles a real dhaba with huge truck tyres, a truck dismantled into two and a village well. The place specialises in North Indian classics like kebabs, biryanis and chutneys. The interiors are classy while the outdoor seating area has views of the Mayfair Lagoon Hotel, which manages the place. There’s also live music during dinnertime.

Starters begin at INR 245 and mains from INR 665.

Address: 1, Shop No: 1, Mayfair Lagoon, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar 751013

Hare Krishna Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant follows ISKCON principles, serving flavourful dishes without onion or garlic. Customers flock to it due to its reasonable rates, generous portions and easy walk from the city’s railway station. From paneer curry and pooris to dal butter fry, eat to your stomach's content with their appetising dishes.

Starters are priced from INR 210 and mains from INR 270.

Address: Market Complex, 108C, Lalchand, Master Canteen Area, Bhubaneswar 751001

Malva Restaurant

Malva Restaurant
Malva Restaurantmalvarestaurantbbsr/Facebook

Malva Restaurant offers a wide variety of international and regional dishes in what they claim is an “unpretentious destination.” The ambience is cosy and inviting, making it one of the best places to visit in Bhubaneswar for family gatherings and hangouts with friends. Customers can order mocktails, too. The prices here are affordable.

Starters are priced from INR 229 and mains from INR 299

Address: Plot No. 1307, 3B, Ground Floor, EXPO TOWER, KIIT, Nandankanan Road, Patia, Bhubaneswar 751024



Specialising in traditional Odia-style meat and vegetable dishes, Dalma’s food is authentic and served with local ingredients. Their mouthwatering menu includes dishes such as chingudi dalma, kankada jhola and chhena tarkari. Their seasonal menu is a particular highlight with items like janhi posta and saga muga available in the summers.

Mains are priced from INR 275.

Address: Unit 4, Sachivalaya Marg, Madhusudan Nagar, Bhubaneswar 751022

Marwari Rasoi

Marwari Rasoi
Marwari Rasoiexplore.with.anirban/Instagram

Rajasthani food in Odisha? You bet. Those looking for vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine like gatta ki sabzi and Rajasthani chole should look no further than Marwari Rasoi, a small and no-frills restaurant. The place makes food with fresh ingredients. Patrons can sample delicious dishes at reasonable rates.

Starters begin at INR 239 and mains from INR 289.

Address: Marwari Rasoi Stone Palace B-23, Chandaka Industrial Estate, C.S Pur Infosys TCS Road, Near DLF Cyber City, Bhubaneswar 751024

Bonus: Khao Gali

A stall at the Khao Gali in Bhubaneswar
A stall at the Khao Gali in Bhubaneswarbbsr_foodie_zilla/Instagram

This street food hub in Bhubaneswar should not be missed. Visitors can sample momos, Chinese food, chaats, biryani, kebabs, pizza, shawarma and more at extremely affordable prices.

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