La Tour D'Argent: All About The Oldest Restaurant In Paris

Recently reopened, the iconic restaurant claims to have hosted King Henri IV, who consumed heron pâté (minced liver meat) here. Its opening date, 1582, is embossed on the doors
La Tour D'Argent is the oldest restaurant in Paris
La Tour D'Argent is the oldest restaurant in ParisHJBC /

Paris' La Tour d'Argent, the city's oldest restaurant, is set to offer a unique view of two significant events in 2024: the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral and the 2024 Summer Olympics. As a well-known city landmark and an inspiration for the restaurant in the film "Ratatouille," Tour d'Argent has recently reopened following its renovation. This update maintained respected traditions while adjusting to the demands of the 21st century. 

The Menu

An offering by the restaurant
An offering by the restaurantlatourdargentparis/Instagram

Meaning "Silver Tower," the restaurant features a redesigned dining area with an open kitchen and a top-floor one-bedroom apartment, available for rent at nearly 9,000 euros (approximately INR 8,27,232) per night. Its main dish is pressed duck, cooked in its blood. Since 1890, the restaurant has provided certificates to customers, noting the number of ducks served, now exceeding the one-million mark. The kitchen staff utilises locally sourced ingredients and closely guarded recipes, including "mystery egg" starter in truffle sauce.

The restaurant also provides alternatives for those who wish to experience its unique atmosphere without committing to a complete meal. It includes a ground-floor lounge offering morning croissants, an adjacent bar providing cocktails in the evening, and a rooftop bar accessible during warmer months, showcasing the restaurant's impressive views.

The Exclusive Offerings

Restaurant's iconic dish 'Three Emperors Foie Gras'
Restaurant's iconic dish 'Three Emperors Foie Gras'latourdargentparis/Instagram

Today, the Michelin-starred restaurant maintains its status as one of the most exclusive dining spots in the French capital, beyond the means of many. The primary fixed-price lunch menu starts at 150 euros (approximately INR 13,789), and the least expensive fixed-price dinner is 360 euros (approximately INR 33,088)—all before delving into the 8-kilo (17-pound) book referred to as the "Bible" of its wine cellar.


The restaurant asserts itself as Paris's oldest, with its 1582 opening date embossed on the doors. It states that King Henri IV consumed heron pâté (minced liver meat) here. Sun King Louis XIV organised a meal involving an entire cow, and over generations, presidents, artists like Salvador Dalí, and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe have visited its tables.

The Information

Location: 19 Quai de la Tournelle, 75005 Paris, France

Timings: Monday-Sunday, 12–2:15 pm, 7–10:30 pm

For more information, click here.

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