Joy Of Monsoon In A Cup

As monsoon clouds spread across the horizon, a kettle whistle might lift up your mood. Experience the joy of monsoons with Tata Tea Gold Care
Joy of monsoon in a cup
Joy of monsoon in a cupShutterstock

Monsoon can easily become synonymous with sneezing season. For this reason, traditionally the belief has been placed in the goodness of natural ingredients. Tata Tea Gold Care is infused with a medley of five natural ingredients that provide wholesome goodness in every cup. Herbs that are native to the region, such as Tulsi, Ginger, Cardamom, Mulethi, and Brahmi, are part of this magic brew.  

Widely recognized for their benefits, these ingredients can help ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Tata Tea Gold Care is full of immunity-boosting ingredients.
Tata Tea Gold Care is full of immunity-boosting ingredients. Tata Tea

Brahmi is an ingredient distinctly known to enhance memory. Ginger is known to alleviate common colds and coughs, while Tulsi is known to boost the body’s immunity. Cardamom is known to aid digestion, and Mulethi is known to relieve sore throat.

These ingredients used in the tea blend are rooted in Indian tradition and have been passed along through generations for their immense benefits. The added benefits of these ingredients provide a reason to consumers to make a choice for a daily sip of wellness while enjoying the taste of their tea.  

A Perfect Cup For Your Well-Being  

Tata Tea Gold Care is perfect for those who enjoy post-workout evening snacks with a warm cup of refreshing brew. Whether you like curling up with a good book or enjoying your favourite show, Tata Tea Gold Care is always a promising companion. 

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