Independence Day Special: Celebrate With These Three Drinks

Add colour to your Independence Day celebrations with these refreshing and colourful drinks that bring a unique spin to classic Indian coolers
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There's no better way to celebrate than to enjoy a few good drinks with your loved ones. As you relax and unwind this Independence Day long weekend, recreate these expertly concocted and refreshing drinks to enjoy your time off. From traditional classics to innovative fusions, these beverages offer a sensory voyage through India's culinary tapestry. With just a few ingredients and a recipe that only takes a few minutes, these drinks will surely add a lot of colour and freshness to your Independence Day celebrations.

Pudin Bhara

Pudin Bhara
Pudin BharaUnited Coffee House Rewind


2-3 ginger chunks 

½ tea spoon mint caviar 

30 ml litchi crush/syrup 

90 ml cold black tea 

15 ml lime juice 

15 ml sugar syrup 

Top up with soda


Crush the ginger and add it to a mixture of litchi crush, cold black tea, lime juice, and sugar syrup. Mix well and strain the liquid over ice cubes. Top it off with soda and garnish with mint caviar and mint leaves.

Recipe Credits: Akash Kalra

Nimbu Anar Shikanji

Nimbu Anar Shikanji
Nimbu Anar ShikanjiCafé Delhi Heights


10-12 fresh mint leaves

45 ml mint syrup

2 pinch black salt

2 pinch chat masala

3 tbsp pomegranate seeds

45 ml grenadine (pomegranate syrup)

Ice cubes



Put ice, mint, and pomegranate in a shaker and muddle them together. Add lime juice, mint syrup, sugar syrup, and chat masala. Shake. Pour into an ice-filled glass. Top with soda and serve chilled. 

Recipe Credits: Mixologist Sushil Dhanai


Mattha, a traditional buttermilk drink popular across the subcontinent
Mattha, a traditional buttermilk drink popular across the subcontinent Daryaganj


250 grams mattha (buttermilk)

½ tsp black salt 

½ tsp roasted cumin  

8-9 coriander leaves

Ice cubes as required  


Take a blender and add ice cubes, coriander leaves, black salt and roasted cumin and yoghurt. Blend it for 30–40 seconds. Pour the ready mixer into a tall glass and garnish it with roasted cumin, and serve chilled. 

Recipe Credits: Harjeet Singh

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