Dutch Dig-In: 5 Street Foods To Try In The Netherlands

The next time you are in The Netherlands, don't forget to immerse yourself in local flavour and indulge in these five mouthwatering snacks
Sweet, spicy, or crispy, Dutch street food has something for everyone
Sweet, spicy, or crispy, Dutch street food has something for everyoneShutterstock

The sixth happiest country in the world, The Netherlands has diverse cuisine to offer. From Stampott, which also happens to be the National dish of the country, to Stroopwafel, a sweet dish, Dutch food has a wide variety of flavours. It doesn't matter if you are a sweet, spicy, or tangy food lover, Dutch street food has something for everyone. If you're confused about what to try, here is the best of the lot for you.


Saucijzenbroodjes or Dutch sausage rolls
Saucijzenbroodjes or Dutch sausage rollsShutterstock

If you're struggling to pronounce it, let us simplify it. Saucijzenbroodjes are Dutch sausage rolls. Also called pigs in a blanket, they are a front runner in every Dutch eatery. Neatly wrapped around a meat filling, they are a buttery, savoury snack that can be found in train stations and fast food joints. Quick and easy to make, they are popular at parties and picnics. They are also served as appetizers in social gatherings, paired with soup or salad. Hand served, Saucijzenbroodjes goes great on a rainy evening.

Best place to try: Patisserie Holtkamp, Amsterdam 


Poffertjes or mini Dutch pancakes
Poffertjes or mini Dutch pancakesShutterstock

Made for your sweet tooth, Poffertjes are Dutch mini pancakes made with yeast, whipped cream, and buckwheat flour. The Dutch have a special pan to make these tiny pancakes. Served with syrup and powdered sugar, they are great for afternoon desserts or snacks. A real treat for children, the diameter of a Poffertjes is no longer than 4 cm. Unlike the pancakes, the Poffertjes are baked brown and crispy and remain fluffy.

Best place to try: Will's Pancake House, The Hague 


Kibbeling is a Dutch snack of battered chunks of fish
Kibbeling is a Dutch snack of battered chunks of fishShutterstock

Kibbeling is made of pieces of fish dipped in batter and deep-fried in hot oil. This crispy battered fish fry is best served in the evening with butter or mayonnaise. Originally called kabeljauwwang, as it was prepared from cod cheeks, it can be found in a fish vendor's cart on the beach or any street food stall in the Netherlands.

Best place to try: The Seafood Bar, Amsterdam 


Kapsalon is a combination of fries, topped with meat, sauce, cheese
Kapsalon is a combination of fries, topped with meat, sauce, cheeseShutterstock

If you are on the move and need something filling, here's what you need to order. A combination of fries, topped with meat, sauce, cheese–especially Gouda–and various greens, kapsalon is a blissful and wholesome meal. This famous street food was born in the diverse neighbourhood of Delfshaven in Rotterdam. This is a prime example of the fusion of multiple ethnicities in the food culture of the Netherlands. Nathaniël Gomes invented Kapsolan is your go-to food for its many flavours and spices.

Best place to try: El Aviva, Rotterdam 

Broodje Haring

Seafood sandwich with herring, onions and pickled cucumber
Seafood sandwich with herring, onions and pickled cucumberShutterstock

Famously referred to as the pickled fish, Broodje Haring is sold widely across the country. Translating to bread roll, it is served in Amsterdam street trucks on a soft roll with onions and pickles. This delicious sandwich can be found in all market stall that sells seafood and related snacks. Broodje Haring has made a lasting impression on tourists and is a personal favourite to many.

Best place to try: Rob Wigboldus Fishmonger, Amsterdam

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