Check Out These Food Festivals In Delhi This February

From classic delicacies to avante-garde culinary inventions, these food festivals offer a unique gourmet experience
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As the national capital embraces the lovely winter breeze, it gears up for a feast for the senses with an abundance of food festivals. February is a special month on the gastronomic calendar of Delhi, when the city's vibrant street food, traditional cuisines, and international flavours come together. Experience the gastronomic celebration as Delhi transforms into a paradise for food connoisseurs, offering a delectable journey through its rich and varied culinary tapestry.

1. Rice Above The Rest At Cafe Delhi Heights

Biryani at Rice Above the Rest
Biryani at Rice Above the RestCafe Delhi Heights

Café Delhi Heights is renowned for its innovative food festivals, this time, they have come up with another unique culinary adventure, “Rice Above the Rest”. Don’t be guiled into underestimating this humble staple of our country. According to Café Delhi Heights founder Vikrant Batra, rice is the most cherished grain in the world due to its adaptability. Cafe Delhi Heights is conjuring up an unparalleled feast, from dishes like Khichdi Pulao to Biryani, the fragrant pots of rice and spiced meats. 

The corporate chef at Café Delhi Heights, Chef Aashish Singh, goes on to say that the menu was created while keeping in mind that different states have varied tastes for rice. Rice is regarded as the most nutritious grain despite having a high glycemic index because there are a lot of varieties available, including fibrous varieties like red rice. He further stressed how they’ve added dishes from several regions to the menu, including West Bengal, Maharashtra, Assam, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. One can savour rice variants from the Andhra/Karnataka belt, such as Hyderabadi Biryani, Bisi Bele Bath, and Curd Rice. 

Savour the specialities of different regions such as Masale Bhaat from Maharashtra, Payesh from Assam, Gian Pilaf from Goa, Tehri from Lucknow, Yakhni Pulao from Kashmir, and Jadoh from Meghalaya. Aside from the Indian specialities, the menu includes favourites from other international cuisines, too, such as risotto, paella, jasmine rice with stir-fried greens, and a chipotle burrito bowl. An array of rice varieties, including Musk Budij, Goan short grain red rice, Ambe Mohar, Joha, Rajbhog Arua rice, Dehraduni Basmati, Illupai Poo Samba, and Musk Budij, have been sourced to ensure that every dish is prepared to the highest standard possible, incorporating the ideal amalgamation of flavours, spices, and the chef's magic.

If you love eating rice, this feast is designed just for you. 

Date: 16th Feb 2024

Price for two: Rs 1000 plus taxes

Location: At All Café Delhi Heights Outlets

Multiple outlets at-

  • Delhi: DLF Promenade, Sangam Courtyard, Rajouri Garden, Janakpuri, DLF Avenue Saket, Rajouri Garden, Janpath

  • Gurgaon: Cross Point Mall, Cyber Hub Gurgaon, Ardee Mall, Good Earth Mall, Ambience Mall

  • Noida: DLF Mall of India, Starling Mall etc

Contact number for reservations: 9911154033 / 8800691812

2. Middle Eastern Flavours Food Festival At Parra By Khubani

Middle Eastern Flavours at Parra
Middle Eastern Flavours at ParraKhubani

Enjoy authentic Middle Eastern cuisine every day at Parra by Khubani. Embark on a culinary journey at Parra, where true Middle Eastern flavours take centre stage. All under the expertise of skilled Turkish expat chefs, immerse yourself in the delicious perfection of Lamb Adana, the aromatic journey of Beyti Kebab, and the freshest mezze platter in the city. Each dish transports guests to the core of Middle Eastern traditions, serving as a testament to the culinary craftsmanship. Entrust your dining experience to the expertise of Parra's expat chefs, who ensure each dish embodies the true spirit and flavour of this vibrant culinary heritage. It truly is a celebration of Mediterranean cuisine.

Location: Parra by Khubani- Model Town Phase-2, Main Market, H-4/9, Third floor, New Delhi – 110009

Contact number for reservations: 9717175942

3. Tex Mex Journey At Honey And Dough

Tex Mex
Tex MexHoney & Dough

Embark on a flavourful Mexican culinary adventure on your table with Honey & Dough. Savour the joys of their authentic Mexican menu filled with sour cream, chicken, and vegetables at any of their ten outlets or on Swiggy or Zomato. Their salsa-topped nachos are the perfect snack food. Tacos are a necessary component of any Mexican meal. They offer a wide range of options, like Crispy Chilli Basil Cottage Cheese Taco, Fiery Asian Grilled Chicken, and Greek Inspired Taco. Their Mexican bowls include rice, guacamole, meat or vegetable toppings, and other garnishes. The next item on the menu is their much-loved quesadillas—hot, crunchy tortillas bursting with cheese. 

Delight in the delicious Mexican tortilla wraps at Honey & Dough, which are filled with a variety of vegetables or chicken. The addition of creamy guacamole enhances the richness. Visit your nearest outlet for an exclusive Tex-Mex adventure!

Multiple outlets at-

  • Delhi: Shivalik, Malviya Nagar Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj| City Centre Mall, Dwarka| Hargobind Enclave, East Delhi| Pitampura| Janakpuri| Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden.

  • Gurugram: Two Horizon and Cyber Park

  • Noida: Mall of India

4. Love For Food Menu At Molecule

Rainbow Dips Love for Food Menu
Rainbow Dips Love for Food MenuMolecule

If you're a food enthusiast, you must check out Molecule's latest culinary delight - the "LOVE FOR FOOD" menu. This menu is a celebration of flavours, skillfully blending elements from various cuisines to create a gastronomic adventure. The menu features a variety of specialities, such as Mutton Adana Kebab, Braised Chicken, Indonesian Rendang Lamb Shank, Molecule Sambal Fish, Rainbow Roll, Mezze Platter Non-Veg, and California Super Food Salad.  Molecule promises a journey of taste with generous portions and extraordinary flavours that cater to every food lover's dream. So, for an unparalleled dining experience that tantalises your taste buds with its diverse and mouth-watering offerings, Molecule is the place to go. 

Location: Molecule, 3r Floor, IFC Gurgaon

Contact number for reservations: 885317022

5. 12 Chapters Of Food At Chapter 12

Butter Chiceken Tart at 12 Chapters of Food
Butter Chiceken Tart at 12 Chapters of Food Chapter 12

Attention all food enthusiasts! "The Best of Faridabad, Chapter 12" celebrates five years of culinary excellence by introducing an exciting New Food Festival titled ‘12 Chapters of Food at Chapter 12’. The menu, a tribute to customer preferences, has been meticulously developed by the chef following extensive trials with their loyal patrons. The carefully curated menu includes exceptional dishes like Chakhna platter, Kafta kebab, Dimsum platter, Chickpea salad, Veggie Gyro, Chapter Special Mutton Chaap, five-spiced chicken, mushroom tart, butter chicken tart, chelo kebab, Lahori Paneer with Pudina Parantha, and Shahi Rabri cheesecake.

Location: Ozone Centre Plot no. 9 Ground Floor, Sector 12, Faridabad, Haryana 121007

Contact number for reservations081011 21212

6. French Delights At L’Opera

Mon Amour at L'Opera
Mon Amour at L'OperaL'Opera

The newly introduced dishes at L'opera invite you on a journey filled with romance, elegance, and the enticing flavours of their exquisitely crafted treats. Embrace love as an adventure. Step into the enchanting atmosphere of L'Opéra stores, where you'll be greeted by delicate floral decorations and gentle lighting, creating the perfect ambience for a romantic rendezvous. Let the aroma of freshly baked treats fill the air as French tunes set the scene for a cosy evening. Their special Symphony of Love offerings, "Mon Amour," and heart-shaped bonbons, are the focal point of this experience. 

"Mon Amour," a pastry masterpiece, layers strawberry mousse and compote, coated in mascarpone cream—a delectable expression of love while their signature heart-shaped chocolates, packed with a delightful blend of strawberry ganache, give a touch of sweetness to the romantic festival.

Available at all L’opera Outlets: Civil Lines, GK, Defence Colony, Green Park, Bikaner House, MG Road, Punjabi Bagh and more. 

7. Winter Warmth At Vietnom

Vietnamese Hot Pot
Vietnamese Hot PotVietnom

Vietnamese hot pot, a staple of VietNom's special winter menu, is a culinary marvel that masterfully combines tradition and seasonality. VietNom's hot pot experience is meticulously curated to offer guests a cosy and welcoming respite during the winter. The focal point of this dish is the aromatic broth, carefully steeped with winter herbs and spices to provide a warming and aromatic base. It boasts an assortment of premium meats, fresh fish, and vegetables sourced locally, guaranteeing their discerning customers a diverse and seasonally inspired array of delicacies. The warm, inviting vibe of VietNom accentuates the social nature of Vietnamese hot pot, fostering a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. 

Vietnom cordially invites you to enjoy the immersive Vietnamese hot pot experience at VietNom, where each mouthwatering pot is a testament to its dedication to delivering an unparalleled dining experience that seamlessly combines authenticity with the spirit of the season. Aside from winter hot pots, one can savour Winter beverages such as Sake Bomb, Jim's Tea, Lady in Red, Warm Rum Toddy, Monkey Gland, Vietnamese Mulled Wine & Winter Warmth.

Location: 154-159, Ground Floor, DLF Avenue, Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Contact number for reservations: +919821620578

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