Street Foods In Kochi You Must Try

Kochi's street food scene is a treasure trove of flavours and culinary delights showcasing Kerala cuisine's rich flavours and unique ingredients
Unniyappam is a sweet, fluffy rice flour fritter
Unniyappam is a sweet, fluffy rice flour fritterSAM THOMAS A on Shutterstock

South India is renowned for its vibrant street food culture, offering a plethora of delicious and diverse culinary experiences. Kochi, a coastal city in Kerala, is a haven for food lovers seeking an authentic culinary experience. The city is known for its vibrant streets, amazing cafés, fresh seafood delicacies and offers a delightful street food experience, allowing you to explore the region's culinary treasures and indulge in a diverse range of flavours. Its bustling streets offer a tempting array of street food delights that showcase Kerala cuisine's rich flavours and unique ingredients. The streets of Fort Kochi, Marine Drive, and Broadway are popular spots to explore local street food.

Here are five popular street foods in Kochi that you must try when you are in the city:

Kozhuva or Netholi Fry

Netholi Fry
Netholi FrySanthosh Varghese on Shutterstock

Kozhuva or Netholi refers to anchovies, and they are commonly marinated with spices, coated with a crispy batter, and deep-fried until golden brown. The fried anchovies are often served with spicy chutney or a squeeze of lemon, enhancing their flavour. This delicious and crispy seafood snack is a favourite among locals and visitors alike and can be found in street food stalls, coastal eateries, and seafood markets in Kochi.

Where to eat: Oceanos Restaurant (Elphinstone Residency, Elphinstone Rd, near St. Andrews Parish Hall, Fort Kochi)


Unniyappam is a year-round snack
Unniyappam is a year-round snackPaulose NK on Shutterstock

Unniyappam is a sweet, fluffy rice flour fritter, typically made with jaggery, mashed bananas, cardamom, and grated coconut. These tasty treats are deep fried until golden brown, giving them a crispy surface and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior. In Kochi, unniyappam is frequently sold at street food stands and small markets, especially during special events or as a year-round snack. It is a renowned treat among locals and visitors due to its exquisite flavour combination and distinctive texture.

Where to eat: Kalppathy Snacks Bar (St Ritas Rd, Anjumuri, Chalikkavattom, Vennala, Ernakulam)

Jackfruit And Banana Chips

Banana chips and jackfruit chips are popularly available at every shop around the corner
Banana chips and jackfruit chips are popularly available at every shop around the corner

It would be impossible to visit Kochi, renowned for its profusion of jackfruit and banana farms, without trying some of the many fried chips made from jackfruit and banana. Raw jackfruit is thinly sliced and deep-fried till crispy and gently salted to create jackfruit chips. They provide a unique blend of sweet and savoury flavours. The crisp, golden-yellow banana chips come in various varieties, such as plain, salted, and spicy.

Where to eat: NR Fresh Chips And Halwa Centre (Amman Kovil Road, Chittoor Road, Junction, Shenoys, Ernakulam) or Malabar Chips (Chittoor Rd, Cemetery Junction, Ayyappankavu)

Pazham Pori and Chai

The sweet and crispy pazham pori is a popular snack
The sweet and crispy pazham pori is a popular snack vm2002 on Shutterstock

Banana fritters, known as pazham pori, make a delicious teatime treat. A batter of all-purpose flour, turmeric, and sugar is used to cover ripe bananas, which are then deep-fried till golden and crispy. Pair a hot cup of chai (tea) for the ideal evening treat with these sweet and crispy fritters. Tea, or chai, is a common libation in India, and Kochi is no exception. In Kochi, you may find tea stands and street vendors selling hot, fragrant chai all day. Black tea leaves, milk, and a blend of flavourful spices like cardamom, ginger, and cloves are commonly used to make the tea. Pazham pori and a hot cup of chai are a famous street food pairing here.

Where to eat: Sree Muruga Cafe (Building Old 29/3053B, New 50/1348, Thrikkakara Circle, Marad)

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