Tips To Travel Safe As A Solo Female Traveller

Travelling alone as a female can be an empowering and life-enriching experience, but safety should always be a top priority
A solo woman traveller sitting in a van
A solo woman traveller sitting in a vanUnsplash

Women travellers worldwide are taking more solo trips as per current trends, but this statistic is not bereft of the fact that they have to navigate many situations when in a new place. It is extra tricky to travel solo as a woman since a range of unique problems act as a hindrance.

However, as Paolo Coelho says, “Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage,” we believe that it is possible to travel alone as a woman with the proper planning, tools, and mindset. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to travel safely as a solo female traveller.

Carry Pepper Spray

This may sound patronising, but pepper spray can help if a person tries to get too close for comfort. It can also help ward off a stalker or a creep. It is important to check if carrying pepper spray is legal in the country you're going on a trip to. In India, It is legal to carry pepper spray with you.

Meet Other Solo Female Travellers

Women on a trip
Women on a tripUnsplash

There is strength in community and in knowing other people in the same situation as you. This helps build solidarity, as well as a knowledge pool about a certain place for travelling solo. The same help can be extended by you to the other female travellers.

Dealing With Unwanted Attention

A woman posing against a view
A woman posing against a viewUnsplash

Developing boundaries against unwanted attention begins with displaying self-assurance in your movements and speech. Use an authoritative tone of speech and self-assured body language if someone won't leave you alone. Do not be scared to respond with more force.

Don't be afraid to be forceful while dealing with unwanted attention, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead of saying no, you might say something like, "Please leave me alone" or "I'm not interested in you," as a simple no means being pestered more in some cultures.

Women also often get asked if they’re travelling alone. Depending on the situation, one can also answer that they’re waiting for a friend or partner if the place or surroundings don’t feel safe.

Choosing Your Place Of Vacay

A woman on a solo trip
A woman on a solo tripWikimediaCommons

Choosing a destination for a trip can be done on an impulse, but it is highly advisable you take some time to select a place that is known to be safe for solo female travellers. Besides, other considerations like mountains or beaches, cities or nature abodes are always a part of the considerations.

Planning Lodging And Accommodation

This is perhaps the most important thing for women travellers, as the place of accommodation should be one where they feel the most comfortable. Considerations to be made before choosing a place of stay include if the place is near a touristy place. It also includes reading reviews about a certain hotel or lodge. One can always call the hotel reception desk and get some clarity on doubts such as the security protocols and food availability of a place.

Protect Your Essentials And Documents

Protecting your documents, such as your passport and visa, and essentials, such as money, bank cards, mobile phones, and camera(s) is vital. Several places abound with pickpockets and snatchers, so it becomes important not to carry important items in the hand.

One should also be careful not to misplace important documents. This can be done by keeping them in a safe place within the hotel room.

Investing in a bag or handbag with a built-in lock can be a lifesaver when travelling solo.

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