Thrill Seeking: Adventurous Activities To Do In Solang Valley

Offering a wide variety of adventure activities for travellers, Solang Valley is a thrilling playground for all the adrenaline junkies
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Nestled deep in the heart of the enchanting Himalayas, Solang Valley is a treasure trove for adventure seekers, offering a diverse range of adventurous activities amid its breathtaking natural beauty. From paragliding to skiing down slopes covered with snow, Solang Valley promises a worthwhile adventure for those seeking a rush of adrenaline in the lap of nature. Let us uncover the many experiences that make Solang Valley an ideal destination for people who enjoy adventure sports. 



Solang Valley can be a great start if you have not tried skiing. Both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts admire the valley's gentle slopes. It's a mode of transportation in which a pair of objects, one for each leg, called skis is used to glide across different kinds of terrain. If you're looking for the best skiing experience, January is ideal as temperatures drop below zero and mountains are covered in a thick carpet of snow. Remember to carry your winter clothes while going skiing. 

Price: Starts from INR 650 per adult (prices may vary)

Duration: Usually 15 to 20 minutes 

Timings: 9 am to 4 pm

Best time to try: December and January

Difficulty level: Moderate



Paragliding involves using a paraglider, where the pilot sits in a harness which is suspended by a big, curved cloth wing. Pilots launch by running and gaining lift; there is no engine. The steering mechanism is conducted by pulling the handles located next to each other. The ideal time to try this adventure sport is during the summer months. Paragliding in Solang Valley is closed during the monsoon season.

Price: Starts from INR 1,000 per adult (prices may vary)

Duration: 1 - 2 minutes 

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Best time to try: Mid March to Mid June 

Difficulty level: Hard



Ziplining is an action-filled leisure activity which involves riding on a steel cable on a protective seat or belt between two points, usually across a valley with breathtaking scenery. Though it's not difficult compared to other adventure sports, people with high blood pressure, heart difficulties, or other medical conditions should consult their doctor before trying it. While it might be a safe recreational sport, you must pay close attention to your guides to avoid getting hurt. 

Price: Starts from INR 300 per adult (prices may vary)

Duration: 10-15 minutes 

Timings: 10 am to 4 pm

Best time to try: December to March

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate



Zorbing is a must-do activity at Solang and one of the main tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. It's basically an adventurous activity which involves getting inside a giant inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. The ball is composed of PVC or TPU and is transparent enough to allow you to view outside without being seen by others. Zorbing is of two types: water and land. As the name suggests, the former occurs on land, whereas the latter may occur in a lake or swimming pool. It is generally considered to be very safe, but following the safety instructions when using a zorb is essential. 

Price: Starts from INR 500 per adult (prices may vary)

Duration: 10 minutes

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm 

Best time to try: January to May and October to December 

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

ATV Quad Biking

ATV Quad Biking
ATV Quad BikingShutterstock

The All Terrain Vehicle, or simply the ATV, is an open-air motorised off-highway bike that is designed to run on three and sometimes four low-pressure tyres. The rider sits on a seat in the middle of it to steer or control the handlebars. You will receive all the appropriate equipment and assistance from a certified instructor to ensure your safety when participating in this activity. To better understand the vehicle, ride your ATV bike on a 1.5-kilometre training course at Solang Valley. Enjoy this exciting experience as you zoom past the stunning landscape of the Solang Valley. 

Price: Starts from INR 800 for double sharing (prices may vary)

Duration: 1 hour 

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Best time to try: Throughout the year 

Difficulty level: Moderate

Where to Try 

There are several private agencies in Solang Valley, including some government ones that offer beginner level training for many of these adventure activities. Some prominent ones include Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Ski Himalaya Ropeway and Ski Top Centre and Solang Valley Sports Center.

Getting There 

To reach Solang Valley, you'll first have to reach Manali town, which is just 13 kilometres away. The best way to reach the place is to take a bus or your own vehicle. Considering you're getting there from Delhi, then this will be the route you'll have to take: 

Delhi – Panipat – Ambala – Chandigarh – Swarghat – Sundernagar – Mandi – Bhuntar – Kullu – Naggar – Manali – Vashist – Palchan – Solang

Best Time to Visit 

The best time to visit Solang Valley is generally January, April or September. Try to avoid going there in the rainy months of July and August. 

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