OT Wedding Wednesday: Inspired By The Ambani Wedding Festivities? Plan Your Dream Cruise Wedding With This Guide

More and more couples are opting to get married on cruise ships, making cherished memories as they sail into the sunset with their entire wedding party
There are many tiny details that go into a cruise wedding
There are many tiny details that go into a cruise weddingErcnugr135/Shutterstock

In the past, couples would often go on a cruise for their honeymoon. However, nowadays, cruises are becoming a popular choice for wedding ceremonies. Cruise weddings provide a wonderful mix of romance and excitement. More and more couples are opting to get married on cruise ships, making cherished memories as they sail into the sunset with their entire wedding party. "We have noticed a significant increase in booking queries for cruise weddings following the high-profile Ambani wedding," says Jurgen Bailom, President and CEO, Cordelia Cruises. "With more couples seeking unique and memorable wedding experiences, cruise weddings offer the perfect blend of luxury and affordability. The increasing popularity of destination weddings and the allure of a unique setting have made cruise weddings a sought-after choice among Indian couples."

Shrawan Yadav, Founder and Lead Wedding Planner of Shubh Muhurat Luxury Weddings says they have noticed a significant increase in couples opting for cruise weddings over the past few years. "As there is a steep demand in destination weddings, many couples are exploring cruise wedding options as well," he says. Yadav explains that the appeal lies in the combination of stunning ocean views, the convenience of having all facilities in one place, and the opportunity to visit multiple destinations without the hassle of logistics.

For those looking for a non-traditional wedding experience, getting married at sea is a popular and unique choice that is worth considering. Whether you're just not into traditional weddings or simply want something different, a wedding at sea might be perfect. Here are some tips to plan your cruise wedding.

Choose The Right Cruise Line For You

When considering a cruise wedding, one of the most important decisions to make is selecting the perfect cruise line. There are several major cruise lines that offer a range of wedding packages, each with its own unique benefits and options. Your choice of cruise line may also be influenced by the timing of your cruise and the specific destinations you want to visit, among other factors.

The Best Itinerary

Selecting a cruise itinerary that provides a perfect balance is essential. It shouldn't be too rushed or too long. Bailom says for domestic destinations, couples often choose the Goa sailings of Cordelia Cruises. With the 3-day itinerary, this cruise can accommodate all the occasions and rituals of an Indian wedding. For international destinations, couples typically opt for a 5-night itinerary that includes stops in Trincomalee, Hambantota, and Jaffna in Sri Lanka.

Book Early

Act fast and secure your booking early to avoid missing out on a sold-out sailing. Watch out for holiday surcharges. Consider the weather and season for your special day. Arriving at the port a day early not only ensures a seamless experience but also gives you a chance to enjoy the city. Bailom reiterates that they recommend booking as early as possible to secure your preferred dates and venues. "This also gives us ample time to plan and customise every detail to your liking. We also suggest completing the legal marriage registration either before or after the cruise."

Number Of Guests

Cruise ships offer a range of sizes, from intimate venues to grand floating cities. The ship's size will dictate the number of guests and the wedding's overall ambience. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, it all begins with creating a "must-have" invitation list. The ideal number of guests for a cruise wedding ranges from 200 to 500, says Bailom. This size allows for an intimate yet festive celebration, ensuring each guest has a comfortable and enjoyable experience. "With a cruise capacity of 1,800 guests, you can also opt to charter the entire cruise for a grand celebration."

Look At Legal Requirements

Make sure you cover all legal requirements for tying the knot
Make sure you cover all legal requirements for tying the knot Marina April/Shutterstock

No matter where the ceremony takes place, securing a marriage license is essential. It's crucial to understand the legal requirements for getting married at sea, as different cruise lines and destinations have varying rules and regulations. Obtain the necessary documentation, such as marriage licenses or certificates, in advance. Remember that a legal marriage is subject to the laws of the country, meaning the ceremony cannot take place on the open seas. Consider holding the ceremony on a ship at your home port before the cruise, giving you the freedom to choose the officiant and invite guests who can't join you on the cruise. Alternatively, explore the option of having the wedding at another port or choose a stunning destination like a beach or a resort venue to make your special day unforgettable.

The Sick Bay

Various health issues can arise during a cruise. Not everyone is well-suited for sea travel and may experience seasickness. Most cruise lines are equipped to handle this. It's generally recommended that you go out on deck for some fresh air if you're feeling unwell.

Give Advance Notice

When booking your cruise, it's not necessary to send the invitations right away, but it's essential to inform your guests in advance so they can plan to take time off work.

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