OT Travel Itinerary: Your Ultimate 4-Day Plan For Beas Kund Trek

Embark on the 4-day Beas Kund Trek from Manali, exploring scenic meadows, the serene Beas Kund lake, and stunning peaks. Enjoy local cuisine and cultural sights along the way
Your Perfect 4-Day Beas Kund Trek Itinerary
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The Beas Kund Trek is a captivating journey into the heart of the Himalayas, offering trekkers a sense of adventure, wonder and serenity. Named after the ancient sage Vyas, the trek traces the source of the Beas River, which holds great historical and mythological significance. Starting from the bustling town of Manali, the trail meanders through the picturesque Solang Valley, the verdant meadows of Dhundi and Bakarthach, and culminates at the pristine glacial lake of Beas Kund. Along the way, trekkers are treated to breathtaking views of towering peaks like Hanuman Tibba and Friendship Peak, lush alpine meadows, and the serene, crystal-clear waters of Beas Kund. We have curated a thorough 4-day itinerary for the Beas Kund Trek, which you can peruse as you embark on this wonderful adventure with your friends.

Day 1: Manali to Solang Valley to Dhundi

Morning: Arrival and Preparation

The Indian paradise, Solang Valley, Manali
The Indian paradise, Solang Valley, ManaliShutterstock

Start your journey from Manali and head to Solang Valley by car. Enjoy the scenic drive through lush greenery and snow-capped peaks. Upon arrival at Solang Valley, relish a hearty breakfast featuring local Himachali dishes such as Siddu and Babru.

Afternoon: Trek to Dhundi

Along the trek to Dhundi
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Begin your trek to Dhundi after a short rest. The trail is moderately easy, with picturesque landscapes and the Beas River flowing alongside. Enjoy a packed lunch while admiring the surrounding views of towering pine forests and distant mountains.

Evening: Camp Setup and Relaxation

Upon reaching Dhundi in the early evening, set up your campsite. Enjoy a warm meal by the campfire, with dishes like rajma chawal or dal rice, and spend the evening relaxing under the starry sky. Engage in storytelling or take a quiet walk around the campsite before retiring for the night.

Day 2: Dhundi to Bakarthach

Morning: Trekking through Meadows

After a nourishing breakfast, pack up your camp and begin your trek towards Bakarthach. The trail leads through stunning alpine meadows teeming with wildflowers and grazing sheep. Take in the breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar range.

Afternoon: Arrival and Exploration

Views along the trek in Manali
Views along the trek in ManaliShutterstock

Arrive at Bakarthach by noon and set up your camp. Enjoy a delicious packed lunch. Spend the afternoon exploring the surroundings, spotting local flora and fauna, and taking in the panoramic views of the snow-covered peaks.

Evening: Relaxation and Bonfire

As the sun sets, gather around a bonfire. Enjoy a hearty dinner with options like aloo paratha or vegetable stew. Share stories and experiences with fellow trekkers and relish the serene ambience of the mountains. Retire to your tents for a good night's sleep.

Day 3: Bakarthach to Beas Kund and Return

Morning: Ascent to Beas Kund

A lone hiker looks at the view of the Himalayas on the Beas Kund trek
A lone hiker looks at the view of the Himalayas on the Beas Kund trek Shutterstock

Start your day with a hearty breakfast and get ready for the challenging climb to Beas Kund. The trail is steep, but the stunning views of Hanuman Tibba and Friendship Peak make the effort worthwhile. Once you reach Beas Kund, you'll be greeted by the beautiful sight of a glacial lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

Afternoon: Explore and Lunch

Spend time exploring the area around Beas Kund. Admire the crystal-clear waters and serene environment. Have a packed lunch by the lakeside and soak in the tranquillity and the majestic views of the mountains.

Evening: Return to Bakarthach

Descend back to Bakarthach in the late afternoon. Arrive at the campsite by early evening, where a warm meal awaits you. Enjoy dinner with dishes such as paneer tikka or mixed vegetable curry. Share your experiences and relax by the bonfire before turning in for the night.

Day 4: Bakarthach to Solang Valley to Manali

Morning: Descent to Solang Valley

After having breakfast, pack up and start your descent to Solang Valley. The trek down is easier, allowing for more leisurely stops to enjoy the scenery. Arrive at Solang Valley by late morning and have a light snack.

Afternoon: Return to Manali

View of gurudwara in Manali
View of gurudwara in ManaliShutterstock

Drive back to Manali, arriving by early afternoon. Check into your hotel and freshen up. Spend the afternoon exploring Manali's local attractions like Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, and the vibrant Mall Road. Enjoy a lunch with local delicacies like Chana Madra and Dham.

Evening: Relaxation and Farewell Dinner

Spend your last evening in Manali relaxing at a café or by the Beas River. Enjoy a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, savouring traditional Himachali dishes like Chana Madra and Kullu Trout. Reflect on your trekking adventure and the beautiful memories made before departing the next day.

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