OT Travel Itinerary: A Two-Day Guide Through The Wilderness Of Bandipur National Park

Dwell deep into the misty aura of the jungle. Experience the beauty of the wild in the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka with this handy guide
Experience the beauty of nature at the national park
Experience the beauty of nature at the national parkShutterstock

There's a striking difference between viewing animals from the confinement of zoo cages and experiencing the thrill of seeing them in their natural habitat. As you move into a forest, a profound shift takes place. Humans are no longer power holders; they have become humble observers in a world where animals call the shots. In Bandipur National Park, this transformation is beautifully portrayed. You get to watch majestic leopards roam freely and the pulsing life of the wilderness. Here, amidst the whispering trees and rustling leaves, you'll discover a journey that imprints in your soul forever.

Here's a two-day guide for your trip to Bandipur.

Journey to Bandipur

Bandipur National Park is only a five-hour journey from Bangalore. Begin your adventure by travelling to Bangalore from your home destination, where, if needed, take a night's pause to recharge.

If you leave Bangalore around 4 pm, you'll arrive at Bandipur by evening, where you'll get to experience two contrasting yet equally enchanting stay experiences. On your first night, relish the luxury of a resort where you can indulge in comfort and elegance. The next day, transition to a simpler, more rustic accommodation, where you'll connect with nature in its purest form.

Day 1


Wake up early and have a delightful breakfast at the resort, setting the perfect tone for your first jungle safari. Make sure to book your safaris online well in advance, preferably a month or two ahead, since due to the high demand, vacancy becomes extremely limited or close to none by the end.


In the afternoon, wander through the nearby restaurants or opt for a leisurely lunch amidst the peaceful ambience of the resort. Allow yourself to relax, soaking in the blissful moments before another enchanting adventure unfolds in the evening.


As evening begins, settle into the bumpy confines of the jeep once again and prepare for yet another enchanting journey through the forest's depths. Listen closely to the beautiful sounds of nature where each sound is like a clue to the secrets of the wild. The jungle is an unusual landscape; even though the place remains the same, it gives you a different experience each time you visit. Notice how the evening transforms the landscape, painting it with new magic hues.

Day 2

Once surrounded by the dense jungle greenery, keep your senses sharp as a tiger may lurk mere steps away
Once surrounded by the dense jungle greenery, keep your senses sharp as a tiger may lurk mere steps awayShutterstock


On the second morning, brace yourself for a drastic yet beautiful shift from the cosy comforts of Pug Resort to the enchanting embrace of Bandipur Safari Lodge, right after a hearty breakfast. Nestled deep within the lush stretch of the jungle, this stay offers a rare glimpse into the forest's heart. Your experience here will be much different from that of the day before. 

Here, amidst the untamed wilderness, simplicity surpasses luxury. With limited amenities, the lodge encourages you to reconnect with the minimal ways of life, urging you to carry your comforts like towels, toiletries, electric kettles and other luxurious appliances. But fear not, for in exchange, it promises an unparalleled experience that transcends mere luxury. As you step outside, you might find a graceful deer grazing on the green grasses at your doorstep.


While the safari lodge offers lunch and dinner options, those with a taste for luxury should visit the nearby Khan Gufa restaurant for an extraordinary dining experience. Relish mouth-watering dishes as you savour a leisurely lunch inside a literal cave. Spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and trying to control your excitement for your evening safari. 


Once surrounded by the dense jungle greenery, keep your senses sharp as a tiger may lurk mere steps away, concealed by its admirable camouflage qualities. Keenly listen to the forest's whispers as it warns you in ways you could never imagine. Stay alert, as even a monkey's warning cry could signal the presence of a majestic predator, from tigers to elusive black panthers.

Retreat to your lodge after the safari's thrill and linger on the balcony, where the wild's enchantment continues. In the night's embrace, watch for gleaming eyes amongst the darkness. If your luck is as good as mine was, you'll witness the raw drama of a cheetah's hunt unfolding. Even if luck escapes you, the gentle presence of deers and wild boars grazing just beyond your reach is definitely promised.

Handy Tips 

If your luck is as good as mine was, you'll witness the raw drama of a cheetah's hunt unfolding
If your luck is as good as mine was, you'll witness the raw drama of a cheetah's hunt unfoldingShutterstock
  • Avoid Fluorescent and Red Colours: These colours can signal danger to animals, potentially putting you at risk. Opt for muted, earthy tones to blend into the environment.

  • Minimise Noise: Keep your voice low in the forest and avoid loud noises. This helps prevent scaring away wildlife, increasing your chances of spotting it.

  • Carry a First Aid Kit: Forest areas are remote, and hospitals may be far away. A well-equipped first aid kit is crucial for handling emergencies.

  • Bring Insect Repellent and Allergy Creams: Odomos or similar insect repellents and allergy creams are essential, as the forest hosts a variety of species that may cause allergic reactions.

  • Avoid Touching Plants: Refrain from touching unfamiliar plants, as some may be harmful or poisonous.

  • Watch Out for Snakes: Stay vigilant and watch where you step to avoid encounters with snakes.

  • Do not Wander About at Night: Do not wander out in the forest after dark, as this might put your life at risk.

How to Reach and Where to Stay 

First, travel to Bangalore from your home destination. After a brief pause, leave for Bandipur via a five-hour drive. After staying a day in Pug Resort, leave for Bandipur Safari Lodge.

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