Rency Thomas Expedition Day 2: Gaumukh To Gangotri

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A glimpse of Rency Thomas's expedition
A glimpse of Rency Thomas's expeditionRency Thomas

From sub-zero temperatures to quick meals, Rency Thomas's day 2 was full of adventures and challenges as he and his team battled bone-chilling weather conditions. The day also marked the end of this expedition's trekking phase. Sharing snippets from his journey with us, Thomas writes:

Day 2, November 5: The Trek

Rency at the Gaumukh summit
Rency at the Gaumukh summitRency Thomas

With an aim to reach Gangotri, about 15 km from the guest house, we started our journey at 7 am on November 5. The entire stretch from Gaumukh to Gangotri winds through a gorge, with the Bhagirathi River rushing swiftly. Consequently, sunlight is scarce, only reaching Bhojbasa's campsite around 9 am. Our logistics manager, Yogi Bhai, made a quick rice and dal one-pot breakfast.

Surya Kund, Gangotri
Surya Kund, GangotriRency Thomas

After our meal, we cleaned the dishes, and washing them in the cold left my hands frozen and painful; taking about 15 minutes to warm them up. We packed our tent, loaded our backpacks, and set off on our long trek around 10 am. In about three hours, we passed Chirbasa and stopped for a Thai curry and rice lunch around 2:30 pm. Moving forward, we arrived at Gangotri by 5:30 pm, with darkness already settling in. As I mentioned, sunlight in the gorge fades much earlier, with Gangotri losing direct sunlight by 3 pm.

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