Have You Tried These Adventure Sports In Madhya Pradesh?

From river rafting and kayaking on the Betwa to jungle trails in national parks and waterfall treks, explore your adventurous side in Madhya Pradesh with a plethora of outdoor activities
Dhuandhaar Falls, also known as Bhedaghat Falls in Madhya Pradesh
Dhuandhaar Falls, also known as Bhedaghat Falls in Madhya PradeshSamarth Singhai/Shutterstock

The heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, is a treasure trove of different experiences. Be it cultural, religious, culinary, or wildlife, the state has many things to offer to a discerning traveller. The state, known for Bandhavgarh National Park which has the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers in the world, is also known for its heritage and history.

What if we told you that Madhya Pradesh is also a great destination for adventure sports?

Adventure Sports In Hanuwantiya

Around 150-odd kilometres from Indore, Hanuwantiya falls under the Khandwa district and is well-connected by air as well as by road. Hanuwantiya Island is located on the banks of Indira Sagar Dam and is full of surprises. The vast blue lake is a gorgeous escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities for here one can experience watersports like zorbing, surfing, canoeing, jet skiing, and even snorkelling and scuba diving.

It's not just watersports that one can experience here, activities like ziplining, ATV rides, and kite flying are big too. About a 45-minute boat ride away is Boriyamaal Island where one can pitch a tent and hike the surrounding forest. As you hike up the forest path, you will get an undisturbed 180-degree view of the lake and its many islands. Visit during the grand Jal Mahotsav festival. Organised by Madhya Pradesh Tourism, it celebrates the best of the state's water and other adventure tourism activities. Read more about it here.

Another popular water sport taking place around the area is parasailing. A part of the Jal Mahotsav, the sport is also known as parascending or parakiting. It involves a person being towed behind a boat (though it could be a different vehicle) while being tied to a specially designed canopy wing almost like a parachute, called a parasail wing.

River Rafting And Kayaking On Betwa River

Rafting on the Betwa which flows through the heritage town of Orchha
Rafting on the Betwa which flows through the heritage town of OrchhaMrinal Pal/Shutterstock

When in Orchha, do river rafting and kayaking. And here's why the Betwa River that flows through Orchha not only gives a picturesque views of the surrounding areas but also features Grade 1 and 2 rapids, perfect for river rafting and kayaking. One more destination to pin as a rafting destination in India.

Rock Climbing In Pachmarhi

Handi Khoh is a ravine in Pachmarchi, Madhya Pradesh
Handi Khoh is a ravine in Pachmarchi, Madhya PradeshAmit kg/Shutterstock

The hill station of Pachmarhi is blessed with many waterfalls which also means it has jagged hills perfect for rock climbing. The Satpura Range invites all those interested in rock climbing. The climb is arduous but the experience and views one gets from up top is definitely something to write home about.

Jungle Treks

Calling out both avid trekkers and first timers, Madhya Pradesh has probably not been on your list. If you love the outdoors, you need to give Madhya Pradesh's dense forests and rocky trails a try. Though a national park, one can go forest trek in Satpura National Park or hike up to the top of Pachmarhi Hill. Madhya Pradesh is also a land of many waterfalls and treks to some of these (Dhuandhar Falls, Tincha Falls, Patalpani and Chidiya Bhadak, among others) should be on your to-do list. A walk in the forest of Pachmarhi will take you to many caves that one can explore easily. 

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