Five Murder Mysteries For You To Solve On Holiday

Nothing can beat a good whodunnit on winter nights so we chose five fun experiences that will put you in the detective's chair. Get your deerstalker on
Toy cars evoking a 1940s noir feel
Toy cars evoking a 1940s noir feelFlickr: Michael Paul Smith

Cosy crime combined with a dose of humour has always been a hit. From detectives solving a murder on board a transcontinental luxury train to murders set in dysfunctional holiday resorts, there has been an uptick in literary crime fiction and movies like Knives Out.

Another aspect of this phenomenon is that murder mystery weekends are seeing an increase in visitors, with such experiences often selling out. These are specially curated and designed whodunnit murder mysteries, such as the Mystery of the Blue Train, an immersive Agatha Christie-style experience which took place on the actual Orient Express train in May 2022. 

If you want to solve a murder mystery while on holiday, here are some fun and unique experiences you can take advantage of.  

The Burgh Island Murder Mystery, United Kingdom

Burgh Island
Burgh IslandWikimedia Commons: John Haxby

This island in the UK was known to be Agatha Christie's second home. She had a writing retreat here where she wrote And Then There Were None and Evil Under the Sun. You can explore the island, decode messages, and decipher clues to reveal the name of the 'Moving Finger' murderer. You can also book the Agatha Christie Beach House for extra inspiration. 

The website has not released 2024 dates for the The Burgh Island Murder Mystery so it's best to contact the hotel first. You can book rooms here.

Play At Being Sherlock Holmes In Idaho, United States Of America

An illustration of SherlockHolmes by the British artist Sidney Paget
An illustration of SherlockHolmes by the British artist Sidney PagetWikimedia Commons: Sidney Paget

The Roosevelt Inn is an atmospheric bed and breakfast in Idaho known for its waterside activities in warmer months. It's also the setting for a whodunnit experience in the winter. Their Sherlock Holmes themed murder mystery package comes with a two-course breakfast and a four-course dinner. You can get your own Watson along, or even reserve the inn for 10 or more guests. Make it fun by bringing your own costumes like deerstalker caps and a violin and pipe. 

Check out their website and Facebook page to stay abreast of the latest news. Contact the establishment directly for their next murder mystery dates.

A Country House Murder, Ireland

Fenagh Lough
Fenagh LoughFlickr: Dr J Clarke

Play detective for an evening and solve a murder at a country house. The Old Rectory Country House in County Leitrim is a beautifully restored listed Georgian house dating back to 1827. Nestled among mature trees, some of which are as old as the house, it looks out over Fenagh Lough. During your stay, an unsuspecting victim falls foul to a sinister act and we need you to assist Inspector DuBois to find out who did it. The Old Rectory Country House specialises in murder mystery weekends of up to 30 participants. 

Contact the Old Rectory on their website and check out their 2024 murder mystery dates.

Joy Swift's Original Murder Mystery Weekends, United Kingdom

An actor in a murder mystery weekend
An actor in a murder mystery weekendFacebook: Joy Swift's Original Murder Weekends

While spending a weekend in a rural England hotel and enjoying your three course dinner, a shot rings out. Screams ring the air and the person next to you collapses on the floor with blood gushing out. Caught up in the whirlwind of events, it is up to you to help solve the crime. The company behind this runs the murder mystery weekend in a range of local hotels.

Visit the website and and Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest news and dates.

London Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise, United Kingdom

The Thames river at night
The Thames river at nightFlickr: Max Sang

Enjoy a cruise along the Thames with glass of fizz and a three-course meal. Beware, there is a murderer onboard and everyone must turn detective to catch the killer. The story unfolds around you with a few surprises along the way.

The 2024 dates for this experience have been released.

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