Explore Northern Europe With Norwegian Cruise Line

Explore diverse cultures, incredible palaces, history, and breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes of Northern Europe with NCL's captivating Northern Europe cruises
Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

Be spellbound by the spectacular scenery of Northern Europe on board Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). From Norway’s unique fjord landscape to quaint villages in Denmark, NCL has the perfect itinerary for all travellers.

Discover a range of Northern Europe cruises, each offering a captivating and immersive experience. Explore the diverse cultures, magnificent palaces, history, and breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes found throughout Northern Europe – whilst unpacking only once. Follow in the footsteps of Viking explorers, sailing through the Baltic, stopping in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Opt to take a cruise through Norway’s breathtaking fjords, and explore some of Europe’s most iconic locations, such as England, Paris, and Ireland.

Palomar, Norwegian Prima
Palomar, Norwegian Prima

Throughout your journey, enjoy award-winning entertainment, wind down at Mandara Spa on board, and simply experience the freedom and flexibility of freestyle cruising with NCL where guests have the opportunity to decide their day with no set mealtimes or dress codes.

Vibe Beach Club, Norwegian Prima
Vibe Beach Club, Norwegian Prima

Highlight Sailings

NCL offers a wide variety of Northern Europe sailings, these include:

A 10-Day Cruise On Norwegian Dawn

Explore France, Germany, and Scotland, sailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. Enjoy a new port every day of your 10-day cruise, including unforgettable destinations like Berlin, Oslo, Edinburgh, and Denmark. Back on board, have dinner at Los Lobos Cantina, a classy Mexican eatery that honours classic flavours with a contemporary touch. Visit The Cellars, a wine bar owned by the Michael Mondavi family, to sample wines. Alternatively, try your luck at the Dawn Casino.

Must-See Ports:

Berlin (Warnemünde), Germany

Germany’s capital city is a city that balances cosmopolitan chic with a liberal undercurrent of creativity and cool. Famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag fascinate. The elegant Bavarian Quarter amazes.

Edinburgh (Newhaven), Scotland

Stroll along the medieval Royal Mile to the Holyrood Palace to see the abbey and Queen Mary’s chambers. Savour the old town’s marvellous Georgian and Victorian architecture. Marvel at the impressive Edinburgh Castle, high on its volcanic crag with a fabulous view. Visit St. Giles’ Cathedral where John Knox once preached. Leave enough time to rest your legs at one of Edinburgh’s seaside restaurants to enjoy fresh salmon, scallops, lamb, and prime Angus beef.

Brussels / Bruges (Zeebrugge), Belgium

The ultimate European city, Brussels has tons of museums, fountains, gardens, and great shopping. Stroll the Old Town area to see St. Hubert Arcades and its shops, as well as Butchers’ Street with its plethora of restaurants and cafes and the Grand Place with its Baroque guild houses.

An 11-Day Cruise On Norwegian Star

Discover the wonders of Iceland on board Norwegian Star, sailing from Tromsø, Norway, and discover iconic cities including Alta, Akureyri, and Honningsvag. Explore a new port nearly every day of your cruise. After a day of exploring, enjoy refreshing cocktails at Spice H20 back on board Norwegian Star. Alternatively, if you are looking for some me time, recharge at the refurbished Mandara Spa. 

Must-See Ports:

Alta, Norway

Alta is nestled among dramatic landscapes, and boasts a rich culture, and storied past. Enjoy a fishing or kayaking excursion to explore the region by water or embark on an exhilarating whale-watching tour. Journey into mountainous terrain to explore fairytale-like landscapes, or truly feel a world away during an immersive Sami cultural experience. 

Honningsvåg, Norway

With plenty of time to explore during your overnight stay in Honningsvag, learn about local culture and traditions at the North Cape Museum, indulge in a delicious seafood feast of Norwegian king crab, and visit the most northern point in mainland Europe along the North Cape. Situated on the Island of Mageroya - with a population of 2,600 - Honningsvåg has a cosmopolitan flair and yet retains the charm of a small enclave.

Akureyri, Iceland

Nestled along the shores of one of the most breathtaking fjords in Iceland, Akureyri is the nation’s second-largest urban area and a centre of Icelandic folk culture. Visit the museums, hike along the extraordinary vistas, or explore the botanical gardens. Shop in one of the charming boutiques and then catch a glimpse of the most northerly 18-hole golf course in the world. After you’ve worked up an appetite, feast on some Nordic specialties like smoked lamb and fresh fish, and then indulge in an Icelandic fried pastry.

An 11-Day Cruise On Norwegian Prima

Create magical memories on a journey of mythological lore, fascinating history, and extraordinary beauty with Norwegian Prima - the first in a new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation. After an immersive day on shore, pick up the pace at the Prima Speedway, the first three-level race track at sea! Or, if you’re after a bit of relaxation, stroll along The Concourse and admire the beautiful, interactive artwork available!

Must-See Ports:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Affectionately known as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam is actually situated below sea level and built entirely on stakes driven into the ground. The Anne Frank House, The Hague, and a Delft Blue Pottery Factory are but a few of the sights that await your arrival.

Bergen, Norway

View this lovely and charming Norwegian city from your cruise ship and you’ll see how the city is nestled between seven mountains, seven fjords, and the North Sea. The Norwegian King resided here, and many historical events took place in this busy port. These events come alive when you amble down the old streets of Bryggen, past picturesque, wooden buildings and the Romanesque-style St. Mary’s Church.

Isafjordur, Iceland

As the largest town in Iceland’s remote Westfjords region, Ísafjörður is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting an enchanting fjord ideal for watersports and a mountainous landscape brimming with opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Originally a church site and a 16th century trading post, the town of Ísafjörður is home to wonderful museums and historic sites for those wishing to learn about the region’s rich heritage and local culture.

Skogafoss, Iceland
Skogafoss, Iceland

Immersive Shore Excursions

There is much to see, do, and experience at each port of call throughout your Northern Europe cruise with a variety of shore excursions on offer. The team at Outlook Traveller has handpicked some of their must-do shore excursions:

Discover the medieval charms of Bruges, Belgium. With the Romantic Bruges shore excursion, enjoy guided walks, canal tours, touring historical landmarks, and more.

In Reykjavik, Iceland, The Ring of Fire tour is a must-see – a predominantly eco-focused tour that circles the active central volcano Hengill, located just a few kilometres from Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. The tour takes you to the geothermal plant of Hellisheidi where you will learn about geosciences, geothermal technology, and the environment.

Explore the town of Hveragerdi located on top of an old magma chamber, and take a scenic drive passing by the town’s trademark greenhouses, and the new hot spring area. Do not forget to pay a visit to the UNESCO site of Thingvellir where the world’s first parliament was formed in 930.

Sign up for the Go Local - Helsinki Through the Eyes of a Local tour. Experience local life by exploring food markets and a shopping mall, sampling Finnish cuisine, and finishing the excursion with a stroll around a serene waterfront park.

There is plenty more to see and do. Check out all the shore excursions here and find your perfect activity.

For more information contact your travel agent, call +91 22 7127 9333, or visit ncl.com!

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