Adventure Alert: 5 Incredible Treks In Indonesia

From climbing dormant volcanoes to crater lakes and rocky islands with bays, there are some amazing landscapes in Indonesia one can enjoy on a trek
The stunning rocky landscape of Padar Island
The stunning rocky landscape of Padar IslandAnton Diaz/Flickr

Indonesia is a renowned tourist destination recognised for its stunning beaches, diverse cultural heritage, and vibrant cities. It also features some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, ranging from lush tropical rainforests with incredible wildlife to towering rocky hills and coves with sandy beaches. Here are five places in Indonesia where you can go on a trek in Indonesia, each with its own unique characteristics.

The Dormant Volcano Of Gunung Muria

Gunung Muria, a dormant volcano in Indonesia, dominates the Muria peninsula on Java's north coast. The Muria mountain range actually consists of several peaks, the highest of which is Songolikur. Gunung Muria is a popular short weekend walk that offers beautiful views of the Central Java mountains and northern shoreline from the summit. It can be ascended from the south at Semliro, Rahtawu (30km north of Kudus) or from the Jepara side via Tempur, north of the top, but the former is the more popular path to the highest peak. There are other paths up surrounding peaks.

The Volcanic Crater Lake Of Kawah Ijen

Working the sulphur mines located in the crater of Kawah Ijen in East Java
Working the sulphur mines located in the crater of Kawah Ijen in East JavaJean-Marie Hullot/Flickr

Mount Ijen is located at the far eastern edge of Java. The hike to the location is rather steep, but the trail is well-defined and safe. But it is worthwhile because this is supposed to be the world's largest acid lake and is famous for the strange 'blue fire' phenomenon, in which you can see intense blue flames burning like lava in the dark.

The Waterfall Of Tumpak Sewu

The ribbon-like waterfalls
The ribbon-like waterfallsHarfiBimantara/Wiki Commons

Located between the Pronojiwo District and the Lumajang Regency in East Java, Iapproximately 2-3 hours from Malang, Tumpak Sewu translates to "one thousand waterfalls," which is a suitable name given that the water cascades into the basin in flowing ribbons. These falls crash down into a horseshoe-shaped rainforest ravine. After watching the waterfall from above, there is a trekking route that leads down to see it up close. The route to the destination is also intriguing, with roadside 'warungs' (casual food shops).

The Rocky Landscapes Of Padar Island

The bays of Padar Island
The bays of Padar IslandYUS JULIADI/Wiki Commons

Padar is one of Komodo National Park's must-see islands known for its breathtaking views from green-capped hills. The sunset from Padar's highest elevations is spectacular, as the hills overlook several stunning beaches. Apart from impressive rocky cliffs, the island features three bays with white, black, and pink beaches. The walk to Padar's top is a must-do for the adventurous, taking you through gorgeous vistas on your way up.

The Green Hills Of Bukit Lawang

An orangutan in Bukit Lawang
An orangutan in Bukit LawangVisions of Domino/Wiki Commons

Bukit Lawang is located at the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the few sites in the world where you may see the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan in its native environment. A walk here provides a unique rainforest experience in one of the world's last surviving tropical paradises. Try the short Batu Baginda hike, with extraordinary views from a giant boulder.

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