Ticketing Hacks: Ways To Book Cheaper Flight Tickets

From utilising the power of technology to understanding the subtleties of flexible travel dates, these money-saving tips and tricks will encourage you to embark on your dream vacation affordably
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In an era where our urge to travel is fuelled by wanderlust and travel dreams, knowing how to find the best deals on flight tickets has become a highly sought-after skill among savvy travellers. Regardless of whether you’re budget-conscious or a frequent flyer, there are several tips and tricks to score cheap and affordable flights. Join us as we navigate through the clouds of cost to unveil the secrets of budget-friendly travel. 

Enter Incognito Mode

By now, you may have observed that after you are done searching a couple of times on your web browser, the price of a plane ticket changes. Do note that this is due to cookies in your web browser. When you search, flight prices fluctuate and increase in response to repeated searches for a specific route to trick you into purchasing tickets as soon as possible. To avoid falling victim to such traps, always use the incognito mode when searching flights to see the lowest prices. 

Clear The Cookies

As mentioned before, flight ticket prices vary according to the cookies stored on your web browser. Travel search engines and flight booking websites use cookies to retain your recent search history and decide the pricing that should be displayed to you. So, next time, make sure to delete the cookies and browse flight tickets in incognito mode to get the best deals.

Keep Your Travel Dates Flexible

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There's a high chance you may have seen several travel-related websites that promise special offers and discounts on specific days. Even though it might seem true, but in reality, it's false. Therefore, in order to avoid falling into this trap, we suggest you try a variety of flight-checking platforms to track your tickets for the entire month. In this process, simply check the one-way fare by not mentioning the departure to view the bookings for the entire month. 

Book Non-Refundable Tickets

Generally speaking, non-refundable tickets are actually cheaper when compared to refundable ones. Therefore, if you are very sure about your travel dates, choose non-refundable options and save extra money for your vacation. Booking a round-trip ticket is another excellent method to save money.

Book In Advance 

A majority of airlines release their flights for booking nearly a year in advance, but there doesn't seem to be any price advantage in booking so early. According to a study, it was discovered that the sweet spot is 28 to 35 days before departure, while a similar study found that prices bottomed out 40 to 44 days before departure. However, both studies suggest booking your flights at least 21 days before departure.

Use Student Discounts

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If you are under 26, student discounts are the best option for cheaper flight tickets. You can visit your universities or speak with your travel agencies for the same. By utilising these student discounts, you can reduce the price of regular flight tickets by roughly 10-20 per cent. In addition to that, you can take advantage of special baggage allowances that will help you save even more money.

Forget Weekends

As expected, according to several studies, airline prices rise on Fridays and decline throughout the weekdays, leaving Wednesday and Thursday the prime time to get cheaper deals.

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