A Time To Celebrate

It has been a long journey, but our intent is clear—to provide you with quality travel writing that tells you more than where to go, what to do, and how to get there
Costumes of India
Costumes of IndiaAJP

Come October, and there is a distinct smell of festivity in the air—what we Bengalis call pujor gondho. More than an actual fragrance, it is a sensory experience conjured up by memories of dhoop (frankincense), heady parijat flowers, fields of kaash phool, and warm days bathed in sunshine with occasional bursts of rain. It’s the time for all-night Ram-Leela performances at mela grounds, frenetic “garba evenings,” flaming Raavan effigies and a countdown to the biggest extravaganza of them all, Diwali.

In our “Celebrations” issue, we rejoice in the fun and fervour that mark Indian festivals. In our cover story, people like Parsi designer Ashdeen Lilaowala, Chef Kunal Kapur and writer Anand Neelakantan talk about their favourite festival memories. We look at the Raas-Garba phenomenon that has become a national craze, the costumes and masks that add colour and context to rituals and the special foods that make festivals memorable. Plus, a photo essay on Durga Puja in Kolkata by ace photographer Colston Julian captures the eccentricities peculiar to the city.

Weddings in the UAE
Weddings in the UAE

Autumn is also the time when the Indian wedding season picks up steam. In this issue, we look at whether hosting a destination wedding in the Middle East makes sense; we have the complete lowdown from pros to pitfalls. If you have set your heart on a wedding in a heritage hotel, our list of 10 stunning properties will leave you spoilt for choice. But amidst all this opulence, we also have a tribute to the small tribal Gond weddings, where the focus is firmly on sustainability.

The most important reason why this issue is called “Celebrations” is because it marks the 22nd anniversary of Outlook Traveller. It has been a long journey, but our intent is clear—to provide you with quality travel writing that does not just tell you where to go, what to do and how to get there but brings you nuanced, profound stories about places, their cultures, traditions and unique ways of life. Travel is, after all, not about skimming the surface but complete immersion.

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