RIP Matthew Perry: All The Trips Chandler Took In 'Friends'

From the memorable comedy of romantic errors in Barbados to the courteously petty trip to Yemen, relive the funniest trips Chandler took in Friends
Perry as Chandler
Perry as ChandlerGetty

On October 28, fans of the beloved sitcom "Friends" were left devastated after news broke that Matthew Perry, the actor who portrayed the iconic character Chandler Bing, had passed away in his Los Angeles home due to drowning. "Friends" was a highly successful series, having won six Emmy Awards and consistently maintaining a top five or better Nielsen rating from its second season until the end of its ten-season run, where it even hit number one during its eighth season. The show aired from September 1994 to May 2004.

Perry portrayed the character of Chandler with exceptional brilliance, winning the hearts of countless fans worldwide. Chandler was known for his eccentric, neurotic, and insecure personality, complemented by his sharp wit, impeccable timing, and spot-on sarcasm. Throughout the show, Chandler embarked on numerous trips to various parts of the world, accompanied by his friends from the close-knit group.

Matthew Perry as Chandler from Friends
Matthew Perry as Chandler from FriendsGetty

In light of Perry's passing, let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the most memorable trips taken by Chandler and the gang in the show. Check out our list of these trips and relive some of your favourite moments from the show that has captured our hearts.

Chandler Goes To Yemen (S4, E15)

A shot from "The One with All the Rugby"
A shot from "The One with All the Rugby"Reddit

In the "Friends" episode "The One with All the Rugby," Chandler faces an uncomfortable situation when he rekindles his relationship with Janice and is unable to break it off. To put an end to the relationship, Chandler lies and tells Janice that he is being transferred to Yemen by his company the next day. However, the lie spirals out of control when Janice insists on going to the airport with him to see him off. In order to get rid of her, Chandler ends up buying an expensive plane ticket to Yemen, only to immediately return home and finally be free of Janice.

Chandler And Monica Go To Jersey (S5, E5)

A shot from Chandler and Monica in Jersey
A shot from Chandler and Monica in JerseyIMDb

Monica and Chandler struggle to find time alone, so they spend a romantic weekend in Jersey. However, upon arrival, Monica is unhappy with their room and requests to switch it twice. As Chandler loses interest in spending time with her, he turns his attention to a high-speed car chase on TV. The trip ends up being a disaster for both of them, but it becomes a memorable one when Joey discovers what they've been up to due to Monica misplacing her eyelash curler.

Chandler And Ross Go To Vermont (S9, E19)

A shot from Chandler And Ross in Vermont
A shot from Chandler And Ross in VermontQuora

Chandler is troubled by a refund from a hotel in Vermont when Ross decides to accompany him. During their stay, Ross indulges in too much maple candy and becomes hyperactive due to the high sugar content. Upon arriving at the hotel, they discover that Chandler's reservation is missing, and he has to pay USD 600 for a room. To make up for their loss, Ross suggests that they steal from the hotel. They take various items such as apples, batteries, and shampoo bottles. While leaving, Ross' suitcase breaks, causing all the items to spill onto the lobby floor. Despite the mishap, their trip turns out to be unexpectedly funny.

Chandler And Monica Go To Ohio (S10, E9)

A shot from Chandler and Monica in Ohio
A shot from Chandler and Monica in OhioIMDb

In the "The One with the Fertility Test" episode of "Friends," Monica and Chandler receive the news that they cannot conceive naturally, which greatly saddens them. In their pursuit of parenthood, they decide to opt for adoption. They travel to Ohio to meet Erica, a woman who is considering them as potential adoptive parents. However, things start off awkwardly when they discover that their adoption file has been mixed up with another couple's file. Despite coming clean about the mix-up, Erica initially refuses to continue the interview. To convince her to reconsider, Chandler gives a heartfelt speech about their strong desire to have children and how Monica would make an excellent mother. His speech succeeds in winning her over, leading to Monica and Chandler adopting twins in the final episode of the show.

Chandler And The Gang Go To Barbados (S9, E23)

A shot of the gang in Barbados
A shot of the gang in BarbadosIMDb

Ross is selected to deliver a keynote speech in Barbados, and he invites the gang to accompany him. However, the trip turns out to be a romantic disaster. Charlie breaks up with Joey and ends up with Ross. Meanwhile, Rachel confesses her feelings for Joey, and Phoebe chooses Mike over David when he returns.

During the trip, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe overhear the new couples making out through the wall. However, before this happens, Monica and Mike engage in a long and intense game of ping pong. Despite the chaos, the trip sets up the most hilarious episode of "Friends'" next season—"The One Where Ross Is Fine."

Chandler And The Gang Go To Montauk (S3, E25)

A shot of Chandler and the gang in Montauk
A shot of Chandler and the gang in MontaukIMDb

Phoebe invites the gang to stay at her client's beach house in Montauk, hoping to find information about her parents. However, with no source of entertainment, they resort to playing "Strip Happy Days," which leads to a boiling point between Ross and Rachel's unresolved feelings. Just as things are getting heated, Bonnie suddenly enters, disrupting the moment.

Later, Rachel confesses to Ross that she still has feelings for him. However, their relationship takes another turn when Ross sends Rachel an 18-page letter. Meanwhile, Phoebe accidentally discovers her birth mother, and Monica, Chandler, and Joey suffer from a traumatic jellyfish sting.

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