Top Things To Pack For Your Next Safari Trip

Safari trips are exciting but unpredictable. To make sure you go prepared, we've listed down all the things to pack for your next safari trip
Consider packing waterproof jackets, great shoes, and layers for warmth
Consider packing waterproof jackets, great shoes, and layers for warmthShutterstock

There are only so many things as exciting as going on a safari. The rush of meandering through dense forests, craning to catch just a glimpse of the elusive wild animals, is next to none. Even though nothing can prepare you for a unique experience such as this, it helps to have these few things in your bag.

Check Out These Things To Pack For Your Next Safari Trip

Appropriate Clothing 

A waterproof utility vest for wild expeditions
A waterproof utility vest for wild expeditionsClawear

We don't mean camouflage print galore. Heading into the wild is an unpredictable journey. The weather tends to yo-yo between deserted areas with a sparse population between extremes. Windy mornings can suddenly turn into hot afternoons that turn into chilly evenings without any warning. Therefore, you must carry layers, from fleece and windbreaker jackets to long-sleeve shirts. Opt for quick-dry materials and earthy tones, and do avoid wearing white or bright colours like red, yellow, pink etc. Apart from Decathlon and Wildcraft, Clawear and Jungle Stories are local brands offering good quality stuff.

Hiking Or Running Shoes 

Representative Image
Representative ImageShutterstock

Even though you'd be perched on a gypsy with an open roof, carrying comfortable footwear is essential. Since you may be required to walk a bit or go on hikes, you must bring hiking boots or trail runners. Don't forget to carry a pair of sandals when you want to lounge comfortably throughout the day. Finally, make sure that the shoes are a good fit and waterproof. 

Accessories And Sunscreen 

Block printed face buffs
Block printed face buffsWildpinesArt

On a safari, you're bound to spend several hours in the sun, which can be harsh for the skin. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to pack your trusted sunscreen and sunglasses. If you love donning a hat, carry that too. Other accessories may include arm sleeves to beat that scorching sun, and wet towels in a cool box for long waits. The Indian forests in summer can be particularly harsh, with dust thrown up by the gypsies in a rush. Carry a cotton scarf to wrap around your head, if you do not have face buffs. Government souvenir shops at most national park safari gates sell these (buffs) for on spot purchases. We recommend getting good quality ones for regular safari goers from brands like Pashoo-Pakshee (Govt. operated), Wild Pines or Decathlon.


A simple set of binoculars and a guidebook on birds can help you get started
A simple set of binoculars and a guidebook on birds can help you get startedShutterstock

If you want to make your safari trip worth it, remember to throw a binocular in your backpack. Sometimes the best you can get on a safari is spotting an animal far away. For such situations, experts recommend having a binocular with up to 8x magnification and 42 mm objective lens diameter serves well. If you're into wildlife photography, ensure to carry appropriate zoom lenses for your camera. Some parks do not allow mobile phones, so carry your point-and-shoot if you do not have a DSLR.

Spare Backpack Or Duffel Bag 

A backpack can come in handy
A backpack can come in handyGetty Images

It's common to always find yourself up and about on safari trips. On such occasions, having a spare bag to carry all the essentials you may need on the go comes in handy. Bring a comfortable, sturdy and water-resistant backpack that you can take on safari tours so that you always have essential things like sunscreen, water bottle, camera lenses and binoculars on you. 

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