Elevate Your Commute With NueGo's Green Mobility Revolution

Choose NueGo for a travel experience where safety and passenger-friendly services are paramount
NueGo offers a comfortable and sustainable travel experience
NueGo offers a comfortable and sustainable travel experienceNueGo

Introducing NueGo, the trailblazing pan-Indian electric coach brand, transforming the travel landscape with its sustainable approach. Offering a complete journey experience, NueGo prioritises customer satisfaction, providing climate-friendly alternatives for travellers.

NueGo buses redefine travel solutions, featuring a customer-centric approach with lounges, a user-friendly mobile app, and a comprehensive range of value-added services.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

As India's premier electric bus brand under GreenCell Mobility, NueGo guarantees a travel experience akin to a flight. Pioneering the electric mobility sector, NueGo seeks to revolutionise commuting by offering noiseless, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced electric buses. Its commitment lies in prioritising passenger comfort and convenience, ushering in a new era of sustainable and efficient transportation.

Inter-City Bus Services

NueGo extends its services to more than 80 cities. With a fleet of 180 cutting-edge buses, it aims to reshape the mass transport sector by establishing green routes. Its sustainable and convenient inter-city travel options cover a range of routes including Indore-Bhopal, Bhopal-Ujjain, Bhopal-Sagar, Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Dehradun, Delhi-Jaipur, Agra-Jaipur, Bengaluru-Tirupati, Chennai-Tirupati, Chennai-Pondicherry, Bengaluru-Chennai, Hyderabad-Vijayawada, Hyderabad-Guntur, Hyderabad-Eluru, with additional routes in the pipeline.

NueGo's electric buses operate on clean energy, emitting zero tailpipe emissions.

Experience a passenger-friendly travel experience with NueGo
Experience a passenger-friendly travel experience with NueGoNueGo

Monitoring System And Safety Checks

Experience the assurance of customer confidence with NueGo, where a meticulous system of checks and balances is implemented. Its top priority is passenger safety, reflected in the 25 electrical and mechanical checks conducted before each departure to ensure optimal bus conditions. Real-time monitoring systems keep constant tabs on buses and drivers, enabling timely responses to unforeseen incidents. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) further enhance safety by preventing accidents.

NueGo coaches feature speed locks to limit speeds to 80 KMPH, contributing to safer journeys. Pre-departure breath analyser tests for drivers eliminate concerns about alcohol or drug influence. CCTV surveillance enhances security, while advanced fire prevention and control systems and battery temperature control ensure a safe and comfortable travel environment for passengers.

Devndra Chawla, NueGo CEO & MD
Devndra Chawla, NueGo CEO & MDNueGo

Devndra Chawla, CEO & MD of GreenCell Mobility, emphasised the significance of safety and comfort in ensuring dependable transportation. Recognising the importance of a reliable and secure transportation experience, the company has prioritised designing and manufacturing buses that not only offer a comfortable ride but also prioritise the safety and security of passengers.

Substantial investments have been dedicated to incorporating advanced safety features and state-of-the-art technology, aiming to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for all.

A Sustainable Solution

Choose NueGo for eco-friendly transportation, actively contributing to environmental conservation and addressing climate change. NueGo introduces a revolutionary electric bus service for sustainable inter-city travel. Green transportation promotes energy efficiency through walking, biking, and public transportation, reducing traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions.

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