Delhi's Kamani Auditorium Resonates With Qawwali At Jashn-E-Qawwali Fundraiser

The concert was a fundraising event where renowned Qawwali group, Niazi Brothers, graced the stage with their popular hits like "Kun Faya Kun," "Chaap Tilak"
Niazi Brothers
Niazi BrothersWishes and Blessings NGO

The national capital saw a night of musical melody as Delhi-based NGO Wishes & Blessings hosted the third edition of the fundraising concert, Jashn-E-Qawwali, at Kamani Auditorium on May 10. The event featured performances by the renowned Qawwali group, Niazi Brothers, who mesmerized the audience with their diverse repertoire, including traditional Qawwali tunes, Bollywood hits, and original compositions.

"We are extremely overwhelmed by the turnout and the resounding success of Jashn-E-Qawwali," said Geetanjali Chopra, Founder and President of Wishes and Blessings NGO. "This marks the third edition of the fundraiser, with the previous two immensely successful. The funds raised this year will directly contribute to our WB Rasoiprogramme, addressing the fundamental need for food among those in need. We are grateful to Niazi Brothers for their continued support and to everyone who attended and contributed to the cause".

A glimpse of the fundraising event
A glimpse of the fundraising eventWishes and Blessings NGO

 Standout renditions of classics like "Kun Faya Kun," "Chaap Tilak," "Bhar De Jholi," and "Damadar Mast Kalandar" delighted the crowd. Over 500 attendees enjoyed the event, including beneficiaries of Wishes & Blessings' programs such as Sahas, a women's upskilling initiative, the street-to-school project, and the community kitchen. 

The funds raised will support the expansion of WB Rasoi, the NGO's initiative to provide nutritious meals to those in need, with the first WB Rasoi recently launched in Noida, NCR.

"It was an honour to perform for such a noble cause," shared Shahid Niazi, one of the artists from the Niazi Brothers troupe. "When we needed help, they were the ones who helped us during our low phase, and this was our time to give something in return. We are proud to be associated with Wishes & Blessings NGO for the past three years and look forward to contributing more."

Niazi Brothers
Niazi BrothersWishes and Blessings NGO

About WB Rasoi

WB Rasoi aims to offer fresh, hygienic, and nutritious meals daily to those in need. Its inaugural kitchen, established in Sector 71, Noida, in February 2024, has garnered positive responses. Over the past two months, the NGO has distributed packed food boxes outside hospitals, in slum areas, and along roadsides. Currently serving 500 meals daily, the organization plans to increase this to 1500 meals next month. Jashn-E-Qawwali serves as a fundraising event for WB Rasoi.

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