Swiss Chocolatier Elias Läderach On Opening First Store In India

Swiss Chocolatier Elias Läderach plans to test Indian cocoa beans to see if they can be blended into Swiss chocolates. The Indian store will likely have new flavours like masala tea and spice mixture
Elias Läderach
Elias LäderachLäderach

Smoother, sweeter and creamier—that's the essence of Swiss chocolates. Switzerland has mastered the art of chocolate making, devising innovative ways to create a luscious texture that is the identity of a Swiss chocolate bar. Besides quality ingredients, the standard of Swiss chocolate is facilitated by the culinary finesse of its chocolatiers. One such craftsman is Elias Läderach, a third-generation chocolatier representing the premium Swiss chocolate brand "Läderach." Known for its artisanal products, the chocolate and confectionery manufacturer recently opened shop in Delhi's DLF Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj.

The Läderach store in DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj, Delhi
The Läderach store in DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj, DelhiLäderach

Artisanal Chocolates From The Swiss Alps

As you step inside the glass-fronted Läderach store, shelves of chocolates of various shapes and sizes catch your eye. The store staff will familiarise you with every counter, from chunky slabs to quick snacks like chocolate-coated popcorn. However, the signature FrischSchoggi (fresh chocolates) slabs, pralines and truffles peppered with cocoa powder and dry fruits stand out in this chocolate paradise.

"Our chocolates hold freshness as their key ingredient, an essential attribute to make the best quality chocolates," said Elias.

Elias, the winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2018, a renowned championship of chocolatiers, is known for creating innovative interpretations of his chocolates. His much loved The Chocolate Travel Cake—a crunchy chocolate roll, The Fresh Patisserie, made of market-fresh ingredients, or a 3D chocolate painting, reflects brilliant artistry and his passion for chocolates. Upholding Swiss traditions, the talented confectioner embodies his chocolate family's artisanal skills and creativity. Different cultures, food, people, and nature inspire these thoughtfully designed chocolates. "I see inspiration in almost everything. The fun part is the integration of these muses into my products," he added.


Going Global

While this is Elias and Läderach's first stint in India, the brand has been a hot favourite among patrons for many years. Starting in 1962 from a garage, its founder and Elias' grandfather Rudolf Läderach Jr. established the company to create a "Confectionary of Sweet Gifts" in Switzerland. In its initial days, manufacturing thin-walled hollow balls for truffles, the chocolate store had a niche customer market, mainly dealing with luxury hotels and bakeries. In 2004, the chocolate company rebranded itself from Merkur to Läderach to foray into retail. Following an outpouring of demand for its chocolates worldwide, including from Indian celebrities, Laderach decided to go global. It opened its first international store in Germany.

Its growing popularity drew store requests from France, the Middle East, and South Korea; today, Läderach owns 160 stores in about 19 countries, including India. "Owing to the adulation for our chocolates and the fact that Indians love food, including chocolates, we collaborated with Dharampal Satyapal Foods (DS Foods) to launch a branch here," added Elias.

The making of FrischSchoggi
The making of FrischSchoggiLäderach

Catering To The Diverse Indian Market

As part of the expansion exercise in the diverse Indian market, Läderach has tailored its offering to ensure the Indian palate is satiated. Like for Rakhi, it curated exquisite gift hampers, blending Swiss finesse and Indian traditions. At a price range starting at INR 1,365, these premium chocolates are available in different flavours and forms. A whole slab of the signature FrischSchoggi costs about INR 11,090.

Interiors of the Delhi store
Interiors of the Delhi storeLäderach

To maintain the brand's legacy in India, Elias emphasised that delivering the right quality is a meticulous exercise. "There are challenges to this entire process. Our chocolates are imported from Switzerland, and we must ensure air and temperature control so that they are in good shape and good quality." Thanking his Indian partner DS Foods for executing smooth operations, Elias said the two will collaborate to open 5-7 stores in India in the next two years.

The chocolatier also plans to test some Indian cocoa beans to see if he can integrate them into his products. As for new flavours, in what he calls a limited edition, there are plans to introduce flavours like masala tea and spice mixture in India.

To get your box of Läderach chocolates visit here

Store Address: Ground Floor, DLF Emporio, 4, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj II, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi

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