Did You Know About Meigo Mark’s Long Walk To 22 Countries?

Estonian man Meigo Mark walked 20,000 kilometres in 22 countries, including India and dedicated approximately seven months to his captivating expedition within the country
A photo collage of Meigo Mark's travels
A photo collage of Meigo Mark's travels@meigomark/ Instagram

Estonian man, Meigo Mark's passion for travel took a remarkable turn in 2014 when he took on a new challenge to take a world tour on foot. With just a backpack and 8 Euros in hand, he walked for an impressive four years and three months, traversing a distance of 20,000 km across 22 countries, including India. His extraordinary journey concluded in Indonesia in August 2018.

Meigo covered the Indian roads entirely on foot. Taking to the social media platform Reddit, he revealed that his walk across Indian roads lasted precisely seven months, covering a distance of more than 3,600 kilometres.

The Journey

Meigo walked an average of around 35 kilometres per day. Carrying only a backpack, he embraced a nomadic life, drawing inspiration from the locals he encountered. He journeyed through at least 22 countries on foot, using ferries when roads weren't available between countries. 

Throughout his extensive journey, Meigo stayed in over 220 local homes, each belonging to families from diverse countries with varying cultural backgrounds. The spectrum of experiences was vast: from residing in windowless homes within Indian slums, enjoying the hospitality of a multimillionaire's home in Singapore, and even inhabiting a bamboo hut in the jungles of Nepal. A sojourn alongside nuns and monks at a Zen monastery in the Vietnamese hills added to his unique encounters. 

Along the way, Meigo crossed paths with over 2,200 individuals who extended their support. Strangers offered rides as they spotted him walking, while others engaged in conversations, providing free water, tea, coffee, food, gifts, and even monetary assistance. 

Inspiration Behind The Arduous Journey

Inspired by a man named Jean Béliveau's TED Talk, who walked over 75,000 kilometres in 11 years, Meigo delved into researching others who had undertaken similar, seemingly impossible challenges. Later, he learned about 10 more people who had accomplished remarkable feats of running or walking incredible distances.

A Responsible Traveller

The Estonian traveller endeavoured to minimize his consumption of plastic bottles by opting for refills whenever feasible. Reportedly, a plastic bag always accompanied him, ensuring he could use his bag for shopping at markets. He also adhered to a vegan lifestyle throughout his travels.

Future Vision

Meigo reportedly aspires to walk across various countries, covering a minimum of 20,000 kilometres or 12,427 miles. This goal aligns with his desire to match the distance of the Earth's Equator, a total of 40,075 kilometres or 24,901 miles.

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