5 Women Entrepreneurs Revolutionising The World Of Travel

Women entrepreneurs are reshaping the travel industry with innovative tech and unique experiences, challenging norms and leaving a global impact
Preeti Suri, founder of AdventureTripr
Preeti Suri, founder of AdventureTriprLinkedin

In recent years, a remarkable transformation has been taking place within the travel industry, and at the heart of this evolution are women entrepreneurs who are redefining the way we explore the world. From creating innovative tech solutions to curating unique travel experiences, women entrepreneurs break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and leave an indelible mark on the global travel landscape. Let's embark on an extraordinary journey traversing continents and cultures, unveiling the remarkable sagas of five trailblazing women entrepreneurs redefining exploration and adventure.

Preeti Suri 

When Preeti Suri launched AdventureTripr, her aim was clear: to make the outdoors accessible. Her journey into hiking after giving birth played a crucial role in her physical and mental recovery. As she ventured into this realm, Suri realised the scarcity of resources for individuals like herself—an Indian mother without prior outdoor experience. This realisation fueled the conception of AdventureTripr. AdventureTripr offers travellers meticulously tailored itineraries based on preferences and skill levels. The service encompasses vital details such as safety protocols, gear recommendations, and more.

Grace Lee

Grace Lee
Grace LeeLinkedin

In 2016, Grace Lee established WishPoints, a mobile application designed for friends to link up and exchange travel itineraries and suggestions. Several years later, she introduced Million Patients Cured, an online platform that provides user-friendly access to information about travel requirements, testing locations, and medical studies through a simple three-step geographic search. As an entrepreneur, one of Grace Lee's most noteworthy achievements was assembling a team of 32 professionals, including scientists, public health specialists, programmers, and advocates for social impact. This collaborative group worked tirelessly to deliver accessible information regarding the pandemic, offering a searchable database of mandates for all 50 states of the US.

Kristin Braswell

Kristin Braswell
Kristin BraswellKristin Braswell/Instagram

Kristin Braswell founded CrushGlobal, an enterprise that links global travellers with experiences that foster a more profound comprehension of their travel destinations. Her most notable achievement thus far has been her unwavering determination, particularly during a pandemic that dealt a severe blow to numerous travel companies. She has even initiated a recent campaign encouraging American travellers to embark on road trips within the U.S., thereby bolstering POC-owned businesses along their journeys. Since the campaign's inception, her persistent efforts have yielded fruitful results, and the initiative continues to gain momentum.

Sequoia Armstrong

Sequoia Armstrong
Sequoia ArmstrongLinkedin

Sequoia Armstrong established Puebla York to provide individuals with a lasting and eco-friendly gastronomic journey across Japan and Mexico. She intended to inspire travellers to endorse local enterprises, partake in significant encounters, and prioritise the planet's well-being in their endeavours. The inception of Puebla York took place in 2019, and Armstrong holds a profound sense of accomplishment in her contributions to impactful organisations and crafting a brand that deeply connects with individuals. Additionally, she takes pride in the vibrant community that has flourished.

Katalina Mayorga

Katalina Mayorga
Katalina MayorgaLinkedin

In 2014, Katalina Mayorga initiated El Camino Travel to establish the foremost digital community for adventurous female travellers. Recognising the lack of significant attention from major companies towards female travellers, especially regarding safety considerations, Mayorga embarked on a journey to provide women with opportunities to explore captivating destinations while acknowledging their valid concerns. Presently, the company's array of services and offerings empower women to confidently embark on travels, engage deeply with local cultures, and cultivate authentic experiences. Throughout her tenure as an entrepreneur, Mayorga takes utmost pride in her collaboration with former gang members-turned-tour guides in Bogotá, Colombia, as well as her partnerships with Indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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