Best Travel Tips For You To Explore Singapore Hassle-Free

From knowing where to stay to carrying enough cash, these tips will help you easily explore the island-nation
Singapore-Malaysia Causeway
Singapore-Malaysia CausewayLionel Lim/Wikimedia Commons

Known for its cultural diversity and attractions like Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Islands, Singapore is driven by a strong economy based on shipping and banking, which can make it a bit pricier. However, despite being expensive, Singapore caters to all categories of travellers, offering them a memorable experience. Take a look at these tips to experience a hassle-free holiday in the island nation.

Make An Itinerary

When planning a trip to Singapore with others, make a list compiling your day-by-day plan, from accommodation details to places of interest to travel smoothly. Discuss and customise the itinerary to accommodate everyone's interests and preferences. This ensures a great time for everyone and saves money.

Apply For Your Tourist Visa Beforehand

Getting your visa for Singapore is crucial when planning a trip. Fortunately, it's easier and faster compared to some other destinations. To ensure a smooth process, submit your application to an authorised agent about a month before your flight's departure date.

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore
Gardens By The Bay, SingaporeDietmar Rabich/Wikimedia Commons

Book Accommodation Close To Places of Interest

Singapore is a small country with many attractions on Sentosa and other islands. If you plan to spend just a day or two in Singapore and the rest of your time elsewhere, choose your accommodation wisely. It's best to stay in a hotel near a metro station and key attractions like Clarke Quay. Consider booking a separate hotel in Resorts World Sentosa for your time on Sentosa. 

Opt For A Local Sim

Many hotels in Singapore provide a complimentary mobile device called 'Handy' with a local SIM card in guest rooms. Using this device instead of your personal phone can help you avoid expensive roaming charges and stay in touch with your friends and family. These devices often offer free calling and messaging to specific destinations. Be sure to inquire with your hotel in advance about the availability of such devices. 

Keep Cash Handy

When you're in Singapore, you'll encounter many situations where you'll need coins for things like street market shopping, buying inexpensive or using public transport. Alongside your Forex Card, having Singaporean notes of various denominations and plenty of cash is a good idea. This will be useful, especially when taking buses because the driver only prints your ticket if you insert the exact change into the money box.

Don't Forget To Carry Sunscreen  

Singapore has hot and humid weather year-round, except for December and January, when it's the monsoon season. If you're on Singapore day tours, expect lots of sun unless you're lucky. To stay comfortable and protect your skin, always wear sunscreen and carry a refillable water bottle.

For representational purposes
For representational purposesWikimedia Commons

Commute Using Local Transport

Singapore may be small, but some attractions on your itinerary could be far apart. Using local buses instead of taxis is best to save money and reach your destinations on time. Buses are affordable, easily accessible, and convenient for tourists. 

Carry Your Passport Wherever You Go

When travelling to Singapore, it's crucial to have both photocopies and the actual originals of your passport and visa with you at all times. This is essential for your security in a foreign country, and it's also required for access to certain places like the Marina Bay Sands Casino, where they verify your identity using your passport before granting free entry.

Visa Requirements For Indian Nationals

If the concerned authorities have issued a travel document, you will need a visa to enter Singapore. However, for those with diplomatic, official or service passports, no visa is required to enter the country.

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