Top 5 Things To Do In Okinawa In Japan

Escape the oppressive heat that plagues summer in South Asian continents with a visit to Japan’s most favoured summer destination
Top 5 Things To Do In Okinawa In Japan
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Nestled in the southernmost tip of the country, Okinawa is an archipelago consisting of around 160 islands. The groups of islands are popular the world over as a summer destination, and the tropical weather all year round makes it the ideal destination for a fun-filled summer break. Here are top 5 things to do in Okinawa if you want to make the most of the “Hawaii of Japan”.

1. Visit the beaches

Exploring the tropical beaches of the islands should be on top of your list of things to do in Okinawa. Whether you wish to visit a tucked away oasis offering an idyllic escape or spend time at a gorgeous beach closer to the shopping centres and nightlife clubs, there is something for everyone. Chatan Sunset Beach, located on the western side of the island, offers the greatest sunset spot in Japan. Nishihama Beach is the perfect pristine getaway, if you are willing to travel the extra mile. Within Okinawa’s Ocean Expo Park, sits the Emerald Beach, which is divided into three zones based on the whether you wish to swim, engage in activities or just relax.

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2. Visit Shuri Castle

Many would be surprised to know that Okinawa was once an independent country, known as Ryukyu kingdom. Shuri castle was the royal palace or the seat of the kingdom and is an important part of the culture of Okinawa. The site was decimated during the second World War but it was rebuilt in the 90s, to be eventually designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm and charges a minimal entrance fee. Make it your bucket list item in things to do in Okinawa.

Shuri Castle/ Naha Travel

3. Okinawa World

Okinawa World is a theme park in the southern part of the main island, a kind of adventure spot for the locals and tourists alike. The highlight of the place is an 850 metre long cave known as Gyokusendo, housing impressive stalactites and stalagmites. There are drum performances and craft making activities. You can also buy souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Okinawa World/ Google Images

4. Visit Iriomote

Located near Ishigake Island, Iriomote offers the perfect escape from the urban landscape of Okinawa. You can explore the dense forest cover as well as trek and hike around the area. The wildlife is worth experiencing as well, with lucky tourists able to spot the Iriomote wildcat. The atmosphere is tranquil, and the crisp air is perfect to take a kayak ride through the waters.

5. Explore the Churaumi Aquarium

Situated in the Ocean Expo World, the massive aquarium is one of the largest in the world and is home to an incredible range of marine species such as manta rays, whale sharks and other sea species. It is the ideal family getaway, with the Kuroshio Tank that holds thousands of aquatic animals, a botanical garden and a traditional Okinawan Village.

Churaumi Aquarium/ Japanese National Tourism Organization

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