The Top 5 Beaches To Explore On Your European Vacation

This summer, explore the European coastline with a visit to some of the most breathtaking waterbodies that Europe boasts of
The Top 5 Beaches To Explore On Your European Vacation
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Europe’s miles long coastline is a feast for the eyes, with its postcard perfect beaches, white sands, off radar bays and soul stirring scenery.  Whether it’s the golden sand beaches of Algarve and Canary Islands or the green beaches in Albania, the continent has a kind of beach for every individual. Whether it is a romantic escapade or a getaway with family, a water sport session or laidback evenings in the lap of nature, here is a list of the top 5 beaches to explore in the European continent.

Pasjaca Beach, Croatia

A small golden beach cradled between the Adriatic Sea and the tall cliffs surrounding it, Pasjaca beach is one of the most stunning spots in Croatia. The turquoise waters and the 80 metre long shoreline provide a tranquil space for visitors to relax and spend a day doing a picnic on the beach. In spite of being one of the most breathtaking spots in the country, the beach is still a kind of hidden gem and the water is quite shallow, making it ideal for swimmers. About 95 per cent of the water also goes into the bathing areas of Croatia, making the water quality outstanding.

Pasjaca Beach in Croatia/ World Beach Guide

San Giulia, Corsica

Referred to as the pearl of the southern side of Corsica, San Giulia has impossibly blue waters, is drenched in sunlight and is teeming with small fishes. It is around 10-15 minutes away from Port Vecchio and has the ability to cater to the requirements of the different visitors that throng its shore. You can go water skiing or tubing, or indulge in exploring the underwater marine life by snorkelling or scuba diving in the azure waters. The waterbody is surrounded by mountainous regions which only add to the beauty of the quiet landscape.

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Kvalvika Beach, Norway

Norway is quite well known for its fjords and mountains, but less so for its beaches. However, this particular spot comes out as a counter to this allegation. Situated in the Lofotenand archipelago, situated deep in the Arctic Circle, with a rugged landscape, the beach is mostly deserted. Visitors have to trek through a wildflower meadow, precipitous rocks and birch forests to reach the location, making it an adventure sport followed by a laidback beach day all in one.

The Kvalika Beach/ Visit Norway

La Concha Beach, Spain

With its proximity to the San Sebastian International Airport, La Concha is one of the most popular beaches in Europe. The beach has a rich history dating back to 1845, and Queen Elizabeth II popularized the destination for its therapeutic qualities. Along with the golden coastline, the beach offers water activities for adventure enthusiasts, like canoeing and paddle surfing. It also surrounded by the San Sebastian Yacht club and Alderdi Eder gardens and makes the beach a perfect one day getaway to soak in the Basque countryside.

Playa La Concha/ iStock

Luskentyre, Isle of Harris, Scotland

Situated on the cusp of the Atlantic, the isle is situated in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, a spot in the middle of the country and standing relatively unspoilt. The chalk white sand invites a visit during low tides, to get a glimpse of the beach at its most beautiful. The acres of sand are framed by Scottish dunes and teal coloured waters, presenting a landscape as British as possible. The weather around the beach feels tropic, making it the perfect summer escape.

The Luskentyre Beach/ Google Images

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