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Walking is a widely popular outdoor recreational activity in the UK with regular walking festivals offering a great opportunity to explore the beauty of the countryside
A woman and her dog walking towards the mountain summit of High Spy from Maiden Moor on the Derwent Fells in the Lake District, UK
A woman and her dog walking towards the mountain summit of High Spy from Maiden Moor on the Derwent Fells in the Lake District, UKDuncan Andison/Shutterstock

Did you know that walking is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the UK? Millions of people venture out to explore the glorious British countryside every year. According to Sport England's 2019 report, the number of English adults who walk recreationally is higher than those who swim or cycle for leisure and sport. There are various types of walks such as short ones, long hikes, and rambles. In fact, rambling has become a popular pastime in the UK, with a Ramblers' Association with over 100,000 members. It is a form of walking that typically takes place in the countryside. Regular walking festivals are held all over the UK to celebrate this popular activity. Spring is a great time for these walks, thanks to the relatively clear weather and fresh blooms. We have compiled a list of upcoming walking festivals that you must attend to fully experience the beauty of the English countryside.

Malvern Walking Festival

The Malvern Hill Range
The Malvern Hill RangeNeil Bussey/Shutterstock

This is a nine-day themed and guided walks festival on and around the Malvern Hills in the UK. There are various walks available catering to different preferences and fitness levels. Some of the walks have different themes such as History and Archaeology, Geology and Quarrying, Nature and Botany, Radar, Canals, a visit to the Worcester Fish Pass, Brewing and Cider, Music, the Arts, and Literature. Each walk is graded, from Gentle to Strenuous, so participants can choose the walk that suits their ability and preference. The walks also highlight notable people, buildings, and events associated with the area. Check out the website here.

When: May 25 to June 2, 2024

Kington Spring Walking Festival

They offer various walks throughout the weekend
They offer various walks throughout the weekendKington Walks/Facebook

Kington, situated on the border between Herefordshire and Mid Wales, is a perfect base for anyone interested in walking. The annual Spring Walking Festival is a wonderful event that provides an amazing programme of walks, starting on Friday evening with supper at one of the great local pubs. They offer various walks throughout the weekend, some covering specific areas of interest such as history, gardening, natural history, and the railway. The lengths of walks may vary from just a few miles to hill walks of up to 14 miles, which will take you through mountains and hills, offering some fabulous views and providing you with an excellent workout. More details here.

When: April 19 to 21, 2024

Dorchester Walking Festival

Rolling hills with a view of the coast
Rolling hills with a view of the coastVivvi Smak/Shutterstock

Experience the beauty of Dorchester and the Jurassic Coast at the Dorchester Walking Festival. This week-long festival held during National Walking Month of May offers 50 guided and self-guided walks to choose from, showcasing the beauty and heritage of Dorset. Some of the featured walks include In the Trail of Thomas Hardy, Iron Age Forts, In the Footsteps of the Romans, the Big Dorset Picnic Walk, and family scavenger hunt walks. More details here.

When: May 11-19, 2024

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